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Sports Betting: The Glossary, Advantages, and Disadvantages

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A sports bet is the act of betting money on the outcome of the course of a sport. In other words, it is a game of chance that has grown considerably more specifically in the world of football. Many people around the world indulge in it freely and make it their favorite pastime. Through this presentation, here is what you need to know about the game.

Let’s start at the beginning of this sports betting lexicon with the terms that form the basis of this field.

– Betting or betting simply refers to the action of playing, placing a bet on a sporting event.

– The rating, also called odds, and in some sports betting platforms, represents the inverse of the probability of occurrence of a result. It is thanks to it that we calculate the profit that is associated with a bet.

– The bettor is the one who places bets on sporting events. He can be amateur or professional depending on his experience and knowledge of the world of sports betting.

– Live betting refers to bets that can be made live, i.e. during a match. It has several advantages such as odds that fluctuate in real time and the possibility for many bookmakers to make cashouts.

Glossary of sports betting types

– 1N2 (1X2) represents the bet most played by bettors because of its simplicity. Three possibilities are available here: home team win (1), draw (N or X), away team win (2).

– The simple handicap designates, as its name suggests, a disadvantageous or advantageous start given to a team. It can therefore be positive (H+1) or negative (H-1). It has the merit of increasing the odds when a team starts the match with a negative handicap and of reducing it in the event of a positive handicap. The handicap can range from 1 goal to more depending on the bookmaker. 

– The Asian handicap is a variation of the classic handicap. It is not possible here to play the draw. But the advantage is that it offers some protection from behind. It is a slightly more complex system that we invite you to discover in our article on this subject.

– Over/Under. This betting option is very popular with beginners because it does not require real knowledge of the teams in confrontation (even if it is just as important, especially in certain championships). It indicates that there will be more or less a specific number of goals in the match. Example +1.5 or -1.5.

– BTTS is the abbreviation of Both Teams To Score where both teams will score during the match, excluding overtime.

– DNB is the abbreviation of Draw No Bet or bet refunded if a draw. Here, in case of a draw, your stake is returned to you. Of course, if your team wins, the odds are still reduced because the risk is also reduced.

The benefits of online sports betting

First of all, you should know that sports betting is done directly online through several platforms that have been designed for this purpose. Our recommendation is to use bet365. Thus, you have the possibility to bet on any team during a match and it has been published here to access more information. One of the advantages of online sports betting is of course the remuneration which is automatic and reliable. You also have the option of betting before a match, or during the course of the match, i.e. live. These are options that give you every chance of winning the bet, because they will allow you before or during the game to analyze information about the two teams in order to establish a forecast.

The disadvantages of online sports betting

As in any game of chance, there are disadvantages especially if there is money that is wagered. Since you have the possibility of losing, the amount you bet should be reasonable. One of the most convincing disadvantages is therefore economic bankruptcy in the event of abuse. This is the reason why it is advisable to bet money that you are ready to lose. That said, when sports betting becomes a habit, you can develop a kind of gambling addiction which is very dangerous. Unfortunately, this game can be something of a trap for amateurs, as there is no limit to the amount you can bet. Which means the bigger you bet, the bigger the chance you have of losing. Sports betting is therefore a risky investment for anyone who wants to make it an income-generating activity.