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FBS Indonesia: General Overview

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FBS brokerage firm provides services to over 16 million traders from 10 countries. The company was launched in 2009 and gained a reputation as a trustworthy Forex broker over time. Nowadays, FBS has strong positions in the Asian region. 

FBS Main Features

To start trading with FBS, you need to deposit at least $1. With this tiny minimum deposit, FBS remains one of those few Forex companies with affordable and comfortable conditions. Moreover, traders can benefit from an impressive up to 1:3,000 leverage, which is an opportunity for market participants to boost their financial opportunities.

FBS offers six types of trading accounts, allowing traders to choose the most comfortable trading conditions in a more flexible way. For instance, you can deal with a cent account with a spread starting from 1 pip. There is also a 0 spread account, but you will have to pay a fixed commission.

Along with those trading conditions come various types of promotions. FBS offers an exclusive 100% deposit bonus, allowing you to double your initial investment amount. Active traders can also benefit from a couple of cashback offers. They can get up to 20% of the spread on their trading accounts. The Forex broker conducts multiple contests allowing you to win additional money that you can withdraw later or use to boost your account balance.

FBS Indonesia Platforms and Additional Features 

FBS Indonesia brings three trading platforms allowing you to choose from. Along with Metatrader and its variations comes a proprietary mobile platform FBS Trader. All those trading terminals offer a variety of analysis tools, which help traders to improve their trading results.

When dealing with FBS, you can trade on your own, or invest in Copytrading. The latter is an opportunity for all newcomers to start earning money without even having enough trading skills. Moreover, Copytrading may be an excellent way for even seasoned traders to diversify their investments by allocating a part of their balances to this feature.

Those who are not sure about their skills can benefit from some useful educational materials. FBS provides its customers with a bunch of training videos, articles, as well as webinars. The demo account comes on top of it, allowing you to check your skills before trading for real money.

FBS employs skilled traders who provide its customers with regular market review updates. You can find various market research materials that will help you to make reasonable trading decisions.