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Features of a Well-Created Responsive Website

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The responsive design of a website is one of the key elements that determine the success and popularity of any web page. What does this mean that a site is responsive, and what features should it have to function properly? You will find answers to these and more questions in the article below.

Responsive – meaning what?

It’s good to start the topic of responsive websites by explaining what this term really means. Responsive web design refers to the idea of creating web pages in such a way that they react and adjust to devices other than PCs. To put it as simple as possible, the layout of a given website is adapted to the different requirements and features of mobile phones or tablets. 

There are different reasons why it’s important to take care of responsive web design when setting up a web page. It’s actually way more significant than many people think it is. Especially to those who want to attract as many people as possible by making the experience pleasant. Responsive design makes the website easy and comfortable to use on mobile phones, and after all, mobile devices are way more popular than good-old PCs these days. That’s why all forms of online entertainment are in accordance with responsive web design, e.g., online casinos that allow players to safely bet and play on their mobile devices. Thanks to this, every person can enter an online casino from any place, while on a train, at the airport or at home, knowing that the mobile entertainment will be equally good as the computer-friendly platforms.    

Responsive websites better fit algorithm criteria when it comes to website positioning in search engines. Mobile-friendly platforms are given priority by the engines like Google. This leads to increased traffic on w website, and again, if it weren’t for responsive web design, mobile users would not stay on the page and certainly would not come back. It’s a closed circle – a responsive website is prioritized by algorithm, it appears high in search results, traffic increases, visitors are satisfied by the mobile-friendliness of the page, they stay and come back, which increases traffic even more, and the number of visitors grows. These are only a few reasons why responsive web design is important.

Elements of a well-designed website

What should include a website that is well-developed in terms of responsive web design? Let’s focus on a few essential elements that are the key to success. Generally, a responsive website needs to be easy to navigate, intuitive, coherent and non-irritating. A user that gets frustrated when trying to find information on a website is definitely not going to come back. A badly-designed website leads to drops in traffic. 

When creating a responsive website, among the most critical elements are the menu buttons, contact forms and key pieces of information. They all should be easy to find, reach and use. If a visitor cannot navigate the site on their mobile phones, a menu button is partially hidden and half of the content is cut out, then such a website is of no use to them. 

In responsive web design, a crucial element is the visual aspect of the web page. This means that the content should be fully visible, no buttons, banners or sections of the site can be hidden from the viewer. However, a website on a mobile device will never look the same as on a computer monitor, so not all parts and elements are necessary because they will simply take too much space. A responsive website should adjust the content by selecting only the relevant parts.

A responsive web design is also about the right images and graphic elements. They should be optimized for mobile devices and the altered layout of the website. It’s an important aspect that should always be kept in mind when creating a responsive web page. It’s worth taking an interest in the subject of image optimization because it has a great impact on the websites’ performance online.

Responsive web design is a broad and complicated topic, and to adjust the website, you will need the help of a professional team. However, it’s one of the first things you should take care of to ensure the platform’s online success.