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FIFA 21 Guide – Get Ahead

Want to win more at FIFA 21? Follow this guide and get the edge over your competitors. 

  1. Learn the New Creative Run and Agile Dribbling Mechanics 

The moment-to-moment action in FIFA 21 is completely changed by two new gameplay features. The top FIFA players use these features non-stop. Using the two features, Agile Dribbling and Creative Runs, can help you climb the divisions. 

Hold R1 when in possession to do Agile Dribbling. Even though any player can do it, the players with high dribbling stats are much better at this. The player will move slowly and keep the ball close to their body for tighter control. The player waits for an opportunity to run past a defender. 

You will have more control over the timing and direction of runs of your teammates with Creative Runs. You can make a player run in a specific direction by pressing L1/LB and flicking the right stick. You can then pass the ball into the space that your player is running to. You can also make your player pass and move by flicking the right stick when you release the ball from a pass. 

  1. Use Crosses to Attack Because Headers are Doable Again 

It was practically impossible to score headers in FIFA 20. Therefore, you might have focused on cutting the ball back from the corners of the pitch if you have been playing FIFA 20 for several months, so you may have stopped whipping in a cross for your striker to head the ball into the net. 

Crosses are now more viable, so it is time to forget cutting the ball back from the corners. It is now easy for 6ft+ strikers or wingers to nod home the ball, even though headers are not overpowered like they were a few FIFAs ago. Therefore, get the ball on the head of your 6ft+ wingers and strikers. Sounds like fun – so what are you waiting for, buy FIFA 2021 cheap and enjoy your game.

  1. Earn Some Easy Cash by Completing the Basic and Advance SBCs in Ultimate Team

A great way to earn some early cash is the squad building challenges in both the advanced and basic categories. Complete all of the groups to get some worthwhile packs. It is possible to fill a profit in the long term, even though the rewards from these are not guaranteed. 

Visit dedicated FUT sites, such as Futbin, to get the cheapest strategies for completing them. These sites have community created solutions. You can sort these solutions from the cheapest at the top. 

  1. Squad Battles is the Most Forgiving Competition for Gaining Coins than Division Rivals 

The most frustrating experience in Division Rivals is to play online all the time against equally-matched opponents. It is even more frustrating if things are not going your way. You can go to Squad Battles instead. You can still get coins for every win and get some decent points for the weekly rankings even when winning matches on the lower difficulties, such as Semi-Pro. Additionally, there is less pressure on you. 

  1. Do Not Attempt Free Kicks In-Game Before Practicing Them in the Skill Games 

The most daunting prospect in FIFA 21 is free kicks, especially if you are new to the game. You can blast them easily with too much power. It is also easy to hit them directly at the goalkeeper, so the goalkeeper can save them easily. 

Visit the Set Pieces category in Skills Games to practice free kicks. Complete the beginner and moderate free kicks. Practice your lay-off shot shots, in-swingers, knuckleballs, and many more. 

  1. Create Your Ultimate Team By Thinking Outside the Box for Cheaper Players 

There are popular leagues in Ultimate Team. The players in these leagues are expensive on the transfer market. Some of these leagues include English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, and Bundesliga. You can still get some good players from less popular leagues, even though the popular leagues have the best players. It is much cheaper to get players from less popular leagues.  

You can get some cheap beasts in leagues like the Chinese Super League, Liga NOS, and Ligue 1. The players can make a good team with players from the same nation because of their perfect chemistry links (same nation and club). You can choose from several nations and leagues. 

  1. The Most Effective Way for Scoring is Fast Forwards Making Inside Runs 

One of the most valuable stats in FIFA games is pace. Pace has been valuable since we have been on this planet. The most effective way of attacking is to run behind the defenders or hurtle down the wings. This is because defenders do not usually have a 90+ pace, but there are a few exceptions. 

Therefore, running the ball to the touchline and passing it back across the face of the goal or sprinting forward and slotting the ball past the goalkeeper is the best way to score. Use a team with rapid forwards in other modes or use cheap fast players to stack your forward line. You can rely on the fast forwards to sprint with the ball down the pitch.