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7 Tips On How To Live Better With Arthritis

Arthritis can be a problematic and disruptive reality in the lives of the affected and their families. The stiffness and pain associated with this condition make it hard to execute mundane tasks. Things like cooking, bathing, and wearing clothes could be challenging and exhausting. Something like experiencing gout in shoulder can inhibit your lifestyle.

If you have arthritis, it is advisable to take good care of yourself, improve motor function, relieve pain, and cope with raging emotions. According to the American College of Rheumatology, effective arthritis treatment comprises medication and non-drug treatment arthritis. The non-drug measures include physical therapy, weight loss, and appropriate complementary therapies like massage and acupuncture.

Eating healthily, shedding a few extra pounds if overweight, learning how to improve motor function safely, and strengthening the muscles are considered essential aspects of surmounting any form of arthritis. Therefore, you must watch your weight and what you eat while also exercising routinely to stay fit and prevent health problems like heart disease, closely associated with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Below are a few do-it-yourself therapies and other strategies to help you protect your joints, conserve your energy, and adapt to disconcerting lifestyle disruptions as you try to accomplish daily tasks.

1: Keep Moving

It will help if you avoid staying in one position for extended periods. For instance, you should get up and stretch a bit (for around 10 -15 minutes) if you spend most of your time working behind a desk. You can do the same when seated at home watching television or reading.

2: Avoid Stress

Try your best to avoid or engage less in activities that exert extra stress on your joints. Things like lifting a hefty object or opening a tight lid will strain your hands and arms. For instance, you can set a jar with a tight lid on a cloth leaning on it with your palm, and then turn the cap while exerting focus from your shoulder. Conversely, you install a jar opener on the kitchen wall, which will allow you to use both hands to turn the jar and open the lid with ease.

3: Discover Your Strength

Identify your strongest muscles and joints because that is where your strength lies. Consider protecting your wrists and finger joints when opening a heavy door by pushing it to the side with your shoulder or arm. You can minimize the stress on your hip or knee when taking the stairs by leading with the weakest leg when going down the stair and the stronger one when going up.

4: Plan Ahead

Do your best to simplify your way of life. Consider doing away with unnecessary activities like purchasing clothe are need scrubbing or ironing. Also, store away the items you often use within easy reach and keep the storage areas well organized. You also can keep duplicate items in a few places, such as stocking up on the same kitchen and bathroom cleaning supplies.

5: Use Adaptive Aids

Things like an electric can opener, electric mixer, or an automated toilet bowl cleaner are some of the labor-saving items worth buying for your kitchen and bathroom.  A spray-on mildew remover is another excellent example of adaptive aids that will help make things easier for you when doing your chores and avoiding stooping, reaching, or bending.

6: Update Your Home

A grab bar mounted next to the toilet or over the tub, a suction mat to prevent falls when taking a shower, and even installing casters on some of the furniture can make a significant difference. They are modifications that can help make life more bearable if you have arthritis.

7: Ask For Help

While maintaining your independence is good for your self-esteem, it can be a disastrous approach when you have arthritis. You can strike a balance in your way of life and how you cope with family by educating them and your friends about the limitation associated with the disease and how they can support you. Do not be ashamed or feel too needy when asking for help with certain tasks.