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Final Clinton-Trump Debate Draws Largest Third Debate Audience Ever

An Estimated 71.6 Million Viewers Tuned In

An estimated 71.6 million people watched the final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on TV on Wednesday based on 12 channels that aired the debate, which was 12.8 million below the record 84.4 million for the first debate on Monday, Sept. 26 but still the most-watched historically for any third debate. The 71.6 million figure does not include those who watched online, and this was the first of the three debates not to face any competition from the NFL. The second debate on Sunday, Oct. 9 delivered 66.5 million.

The Big Four broadcast networks’ coverage pulled a total 38.09 million viewers. ABC was first at 10.96 million viewers, followed by NBC (10.39 million), CBS (10.12 million) and Fox (6.62 million). Fox News was first among the cable news networks, with 11.35 million, followed by CNN (8.71 million) and MSNBC (5.52 million). PBS, meanwhile, attracted 2.7 million viewers, while Univision (2.38 million) and Telemundo (1.48 million) added another 3.8 million.