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Five Most Spectacular Telugu Songs – Which You Needed To Listen

Nowadays, Telugu songs are one of the top widespread songs to the Indian people and all over the world. Telugu songs provide more entertainment than other songs. Most song lover’s love Telugu song is very much. Super talented singers sing these songs. If you enjoy these songs, your mind will be touched. Here I will mention some critical Telugu songs, which are the highest viewed songs at this time.

1. Karabuu

Karabuu is a viral song to the South Indian people. This song is very romantic and enjoyable that attracted people very much. Karabuu song taken from Pogaru movie which the best action movie in Telugu Films industry. Besides, the Karabuu song already crossed 207 million views. I think this song is one of the maximum viewed song at this time.

Karabuu song was sung by the Telugu playback singer which name Chandan Shetty. Besides this song also lyricist by Chandan Shetty. This song is very impractical and suitable to accept. So I request you to download this song and gets more entertainment.

2. Dimaak Kharaab

Dimaak Kharaab romantic song was taken from the Ismart Shankar movie, which the best action movie in the Telugu films industry. More than 171 million views viewed this song. Dimaak Kharaab romantic song sang by the artistic singer name Keerthana Sharma & Saketh. This song music directed by Mani Sharma.

After all, Dimaak Kharaab is a viral song at this time. If you want to enjoy this song, you should download this song.

3. Crazy Feeling

Crazy Feeling song is taken from the action movie name Nenu Sailaja. In Telugu songs, Crazy Feeling song gets more popularity because of its outstanding playback singer Prudhvi Chandra. This song viewed nearly 125 million that very interesting to the Indian people as well as other countries. Crazy Feeling highest viewed song which director by Devi Sri Prasad.

 In Telugu Films, Devi Sri Prasad is not only a playback singer but also a music director. This song is very acceptable to all people, so my request for a telugu songs download helps to know the highest viewed Telugu song.

4. Vachindamma

Vachindamma song is the latest Telugu songs to all Indian people as well as other countries. This song is viral at this time. Vachindamma this song taken from Geetha Govindam. This song was viewed by more than 100 million, which the top viewed song in Telugu songs. Vachindamma song, sang by the legend singer which name Sid Sriram. Parasuram directed this song. One of the supreme viewed song, Vachindamma, became more popular than other songs. So I request you to listen to this song that your mind will be impressed.

5. Yenti Yenti

Yenti Yenti song is a top viewed Telugu songs on YouTube. All over the world, the Telugu song is a viral song for its different variations. Telugu’s music director’s makes these songs are so pleasing that the listener accepted them readily. Yenti Yenti song which composed by the super endowed name Gopi Sundar. This romantic song is taken from Geetha Govindam movie. It is interesting that it almost viewed more than 46 million.

This song directed by Parasuram which is the best capable director in Telugu Films.  This song is very romantic for all people. I think you will not miss it. If you enjoy this romantic song, your mind will be touched.


Nowadays, Telugu song is modern music to all Indian people as well as all over the world. These song makes very attractively so that people are interested in downloading this song. In this article, top watched Telugu songs mentioned for attention. These Telugu songs are also acceptable to song lovers. You should download Telugu songs to get more entertainment.