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Five Ninja-like Tips and Tricks for Torrenting

In this post, we’ll go through the top ninja-like tips and tricks for serious torrenters. Unless you are a torrent expert, it is likely that you never heard of one or two of the following tips and tricks. 

Using one or two of these tricks will provide you with a larger degree of anonymity, privacy, speed, massive torrent libraries automation, or just pure damn fun! And yes, we’ll skip the old “use a VPN for torrenting” advice, for this time.

Five Ninja-like Tips and Tricks for Torrenting

  1. Use a private tracker. 
  2. Use a seedbox. 
  3. Use automation torrenting tools. 
  4. Use remote torrenting management 
  5. Use a media system to organize and stream your downloads.

 1. Use a Private Tracker

Private torrent trackers are closed communities that aim to keep up an optimal sharing environment and have massive torrent libraries or niche (specialty) content such as anime-only, ebooks, movies, oldies, adult, TV series, only software, etc. An advantage of these sites is that they are generally safer than public trackers (RARBG, thePirateBay, etc.,). Since private tracker peers and seeders are more trusted there is a lower risk of viruses, trojans, or copyright trolls roaming around torrent swarms. 

Do keep in mind that to access private trackers, you need an invitation. Although this might turn away many “new users,” it is also the only way to keep copyright trolls away. Bear in mind that torrent trackers are hard to find, get into, and maintain membership.

Using a private tracker will not hide you entirely, but it does make you participate in safer torrent swarms and healthier and safer torrents. 

The following are good sources to start with private trackers. 

2. Use a Seedbox.

In a nutshell, a seedbox is a high-speed and robust server (virtual or bare-metal box) with a torrent client. A seedbox is designed and built especially for seeding torrents. It can be a cloud-based server provided via unmanaged and managed services. They can also be shared servers or dedicated. Whatever flavor or color you choose, a seedbox should provide you with optimal speed, storage, and privacy for your torrenting efforts. 

A seedbox provides you with countless benefits: 

  • Starting from high download/upload non-stop (ranging from 512MB to 10GBbps) speeds so you can keep up with a sharing ratio, or just download fast. 
  • A seedbox also comes with built-in torrenting capabilities including, your favorite torrent client, media server solutions, torrent automation, file-sharing systems, and more. 
  • Seedbox servers are also perfect for maintaining your torrenting privacy. The seedbox server provider uses its IP within torrent swarms and ISPs. You only use your IP to remote access the seedbox and for FTP or SFTP access. 
  • Seedboxes do not affect your local speed, computer performance, data, etc. Everything happens in the cloud. Use your computer when you want to either manage torrents remotely, download to your local resources using SFTP or FTPS, or stream remote media. 

3. Use Automation Torrenting Tools. 

Some media automated downloader tools can help reduce your workload and improve your experience. Most of these tools are commonly known as the “arr” family, which works with torrent RSS feeds and interfaces with BitTorrent and Usenet clients. 

Such tools can be used to automatically download and build up your media content collection without you having to spend the time downloading or updating files. Some of these tools will go to the extent of scanning your media, finding older lower quality, and updating your files. 

Below are a few applications worth mentioning:

  • Radarr. A movie collection manager (PVR) for BitTorrent users. For more information visit, Radarr’s official site. 
  • Sonarr. A PVR designed for BitTorrent users. Sonarr monitors multiple RSS sources for new episodes of your favorite TV shows. For more information, visit Sonarr’s official site. 
  • Lidarr. Similar to Radarr and Sonarr, but for music. For more information, visit Lidarr’s official site. 
  • Jackett. The open-source software that searches for torrents through different torrent trackers. Jackett works as a proxy for the queries from tools like Sonarr, Radarr, CouchPotato, Lidarr, and more. It translates queries into HTTP queries for specific tracker sites, takes the response, and sends the results back to the tool. 

4. Use Remote Torrenting Management. 

Probably you are torrenting from a powerful desktop or rackmount machine. But if you are always on the go, traveling and moving around, and you don’t have easy physical access to your powerful PC, you can always leverage remote torrenting.

Fortunately, most of the popular torrent clients can be managed remotely. For instance, if you install Transmission Remote GUI on your robust computer, the software will grant you remote access and control to the Transmission client via the RPC protocol. This remote torrent management feature will allow you to add, remove, and monitor torrents in your favorite torrent client. A similar set of tools are the WebUI or web torrent clients that let you manage, add or remove torrents to your local client’s torrent interface.

How to set up remote torrent management? 

We’ll use uTorrent Remote to illustrate the process. 

  • uTorrent Remote: a uTorrent client feature that allows you to manage the uTorrent Classic for your home Windows, macOS, or home device. With this feature, you can add, remove, start, stop, pause downloads, or uploads on your home computer from anywhere with any device. 
  • Open uTorrent client and go to Preferences. On the left-hand sidebar, click on the “Remote” option. 

  • Check the box “Enable uTorrent Remote Access.”
  • Authentication: You’ll need to go to and enter your computer’s username and password. uTorrent won’t let you sign up via their website (for privacy reasons), so you’ll have to use your computer’s information.
  • Sign in and wait a few seconds. You’ll see the status change to “Accessible” or “Registered.”

From now on, you’ll be able to sign in to your client from anywhere and with any device, just by logging in to

5. Use a Media System to Organize and Stream your Downloads.

Plex Media is one of the most popular media systems that organize, sort, and give you access to your media from any device. Plex Media works with the client and server model. The Plex media server stores the media content and provides transcoding capabilities to stream it across the Internet to any device. The client is the piece of software that connects to the server, transfers the content, and plays the media. 

Plex media server is also capable of adding subtitles, adding metadata, sorting libraries into music, games, movies, TV shows, or images. For more on Plex, check the ultimate Plex guide

Other popular options for media systems are Kodi, Jellyfin, and Emby. All of these media center services perform a similar function as Plex.

Although some torrent clients allow you to stream media while you are downloading, they do not provide the capabilities of these tools. Configuring a torrent client with automation downloads to grow particular storage with great media, and then letting Plex media server scan, fetch, and play such media is the ultimate torrent+stream hack. 

Final Words. 

The best thing about these tips and tricks is that you can combine them to maximize your experience. 

For instance, look for private torrent tracker invites or an open tracker. Set up an online seedbox to keep up with the sharing ratio and start participating in the private tracker. 

Your seedbox will begin to grow your media collection. In addition, set up an automation tool such as Radarr or Sonarr to automatically find and download your favorite new movies or TV shows into your Seedbox without your intervention. 

Manage and monitor your torrent activity from your smartphone and anywhere you are, just by logging into your remote torrent client. Finally, enjoy your media with a robust media system like Plex or Kodi. Stream your movies online, share them with friends and grow your media library.

There you, go five ninja-like tips and tricks for your torrenting efforts… 

If we are missing one, please go ahead and add your comments.