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Top Tips to Find Catchy Domains for Programmers

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Your website or web page cannot exist without a domain name. The domain name will either make or break your business. Thus, it is imperative that the right domain name is purchased and selected. 

There are millions of domain names in use right now. Therefore, you should choose a domain name which stands out. This article will guide you through the tips that can be considered to find catchy domain names for programmers. Following are some of the stipulated:

1. Keep it relevant

The first step and tip to consider is that you should keep the domain name relevant to the purpose of the website. Thus, if you have a programming website, make sure that the domain name is pertinent to such theme. It should be concise, short and easy to remember for the potential programmers. Having the right domain name can promote the brand and allow the target audience to connect with you. Domain names which are unique help in establishing credibility for the brand. 

2. Have the right extension

It is important that you choose the right extension. Although any extension can be purchased, it is advisable that you go for “.com”. It is the most popular and therefore, the most memorable one. It also creates trust and rapport within the customers that this website is reliable. However, depending on your niche of the website, different extension can be purchased. You can get to know more about it on

3. It should be simple and short

Domain names which are successful are simple and short. This is how the users can memorize it. It helps in developing better credibility in all senses. If you choose a domain name which is too long, then you risk the customers misspelling or mistyping the domain name. It can also negatively impact the SEO rankings. Experts are of the view that shorter domain names are always better in all terms. 

4. Use keywords

One of the best ways in which you can find catchy domain names for your programming website is by using the right keywords. Make sure that you use keywords which describe your company the most. It should also describe the services that will be provided by you. Keywords will also help in the SEO rankings. It will help your website to increase the search engine rankings and therefore, enhance the online visibility. 

5. Avoid numbers and hyphens

If you want to keep the domain as catchy as possible, then make sure that you avoid numbers and hyphens at all times. A lot of customers will make mistakes if you have numbers and hyphen in your website domain name. It can negatively impact the sales. 

The bottom line

Above are some of the major ways in which catchy domain names can be selected. In order to ease the process, you can also go for platforms which will provide you with right domain names. The domain names will be provided as per the niche that you put in.