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Five Reasons to Keep Social Media In-House According to Everest Business Funding

The number of services available to cater to businesses’ social media needs skyrocketed when companies started outsourcing their marketing. However, the current trend is reversing ways as more organizations move marketing from agencies back to in-house. Though there are benefits to working with a digital agency, there are also advantages to supporting social media marketing within company walls. Everest Business Funding specializes in working with small businesses’ financial goals and shares five reasons why keeping an organization’s social media management in-house might be the more strategic move.

Reason #1: Businesses Know Their Business Best

Messaging is a critical piece of social media marketing. Those who built a business and currently operate it know the business better than a digital agency ever would, which requires compensating a digital agency to spend hours getting to know a business before determining the most effective messaging. Also, when a company develops messaging for marketing in-house, the brand voice will more likely come across to consumers as genuine and authentic. 

Reason #2: Increase Marketing Research Through Customer Engagement

Now that social media management is in-house, businesses have full access to engage with and learn from consumers to enhance the content, customer service, products, and services. Generating conversations with consumers through social media can aid in fitting products to markets and collecting data on published content that target audiences find most appealing, relatable, and valuable. In addition, customer response time falls into the company’s hands, creating room for boosting customer service. 

Reason #3: Choose Efficiency and Convenience

When managing an organization’s social media, the fast-paced nature of the online social platform requires daily adaptation and dedication. Making decisions based on this tedious task that needs attention every day can be more efficiently executed when mandatory meetings between a digital agency are not involved. Let’s say a business wants to tweak a specific phrase in messaging during a social media campaign due to a new discovery. This change can be made much more conveniently and efficiently in-house compared to the necessary level of involvement and communication a digital agency requires to be a part of the process. 

Reason #4: More Value Long-Term

If a business can manage the up-front costs to start a solid in-house marketing team, the benefits run strong long-term. The extended value of an in-house team means that over time, money will be saved rather than continuously spent on the same service at the same price point. 

Reason #5: More In-Tune to Overall Marketing Needs

When a business is able to be the moving hands behind social media, an in-house marketing team gets the front row seats to what marketing strategies work and what plans need to be re-worked. Social media can play a significant role in generating traffic to a business website to increase sales and brand exposure. If leveling up website traffic is an objective for a business, in-house marketing teams can use social media campaigns to measure marketing and messaging effectiveness. Marketing teams now have a way to measure what content is more successful for driving online traffic. Target audience reaction and engagement with social media content is another way to measure success for brand exposure.

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