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What to Do With Your Used Pallet Racking?

Like most warehouse and storage facility managers, you have a lot of used pallet racks sitting around. Many companies are converting their existing racks to new racking systems better suited to their needs. 

So what to do with your old racks? 

Your used pallet racking can be sold, reused, or recycled. If you’re looking to sell used pallet racking? look no further! In this blog post, we’ll cover some practical ways to repurpose your used pallet racking:

Why would I sell?

Like other company owners, you undoubtedly have multiple pallets in your warehouse. And, like other company owners, it’s hard to find the time to sell them.

But here are some reasons why selling pallets could save you some time and money:

  • You don’t need them anymore
  • They’re broken
  • They no longer serve their purpose
  • You don’t have space for them
  • You can’t be bothered to fix them

Are you sure you don’t want it anymore?

“I’m sure I don’t want it anymore,” you say. “But I might have some use for it in the future.”

We hear you. And we agree: pallet racking has a variety of uses that are beyond just storing pallets. You could use it to store tools or other equipment in your warehouse or garage, as a clothes rack for your kids’ clothes. 

If none of them seems appealing, you may always just sell whatever is left over. After all, countless businesses out there whose entire business model is buying used equipment and selling it again at a higher price than they paid—so why not get in on this action?

What to do if you’re sure it needs to go?

If you’re sure your pallet racking has to go, there are a few ways of getting rid of it.

  • Find a buyer. One option is to place ads online, but this can be time-consuming, and you might be paid very little for your product. A better way would be to call around and ask if anyone needs pallet racks. Perhaps you can find a buyer willing to pay more for the rack than the junk dealer
  • Don’t just throw it away! If you can’t find a buyer or if they don’t want it in its current condition, consider recycling or repurposing the materials into something new (like furniture). 

What do we do with the used pallet racking?

If you’ve decided that your pallet racking needs replacing, don’t throw it away. That would be a crime!

We reuse our pallet racking and refurbish them by sandblasting, painting, powder coating and more.

This extends the life of the racking and makes it look good as new! We also sell this refurbished material to our customers at a discounted rate. Value for money is vital to us. Therefore we work hard to provide competitive pricing on high-quality goods.

What do I get out of selling my racking?

  • You get money.
  • It helps a company.
  • It frees up space in your warehouse, which is great if you’re renting storage space or don’t want to buy more pallets.
  • You can recycle your used pallets into something new and valuable (like furniture or art pieces—I have a friend who uses them as firewood).

Or you can donate them to charity!

Sell your used pallet racking to

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