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What Do We Know About Online Casino Tournaments? 

Online casinos offer players not only slots, table games and live casino games. They also offer tournaments with real money or valuable prizes. 

What is the difference between tournaments and bonuses? 

Players receive bonuses on their account as a part of a certain promo campaign, noted Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. It’s a kind of reward for some actions from the casino. Tournaments force players to spend more time in games. Usually, they are organized by providers and cover several online casino websites.  

Types of tournaments in online casinos 

There are several types of tournaments: 

  1. Local. Online casino website organizes a local tournament as a part of their own promo campaign.  They’re paying reward to the winners.
  2. Network. Provider of slots organizes a network tournament across multiple online casinos. The purpose of this is to promote new games or provider themselves. Rewards are paid by providers.
  3. Mixed. A combination of local and network tournaments. Provider of slots in partnership with the online casino maintain the tournament. Thus, both sides pay reward to the winners in a certain proportion. 

What games do casinos offer in tournaments? 

The most popular discipline is slots, said Darren Keane from Storm International. As a rule, several slots from one provider are included in the tournament.  

Less commonly, casinos organize tournaments with live dealer games (blackjack, roulette, baccarat). 

Basic rules for tournaments 

Tournament rules vary depending on each specific of the online casino. But most often they look like this:

  1. To take part in the tournament, you must click on the “Participate” button or just start playing qualified games.
  2. Each tournament has deadlines, after which any bets are no longer would be counted.
  3. Bets are made only for the specified slots and not less than a certain amount.
  4. A player can take part in the tournament only once. 

How many players can take part in casino competitions? 

Often, online casinos do not limit the number of participants in tournaments. But the number of winning places in them is always limited. In most cases, it is no more than 50 or 100 players who have received the highest payout multipliers. Payouts depend on the result position of the players, in descending order. 

How casinos form the prize in tournaments? 

The casino announces the prize pool in advance or forms it from all contributions. It is preferable to choose tournaments with the first type of prize pool formation. It allows the player to know exactly how much they will have to fight for. 

If we talk about the size, it can reach several hundred thousand dollars. However, typically casinos draw up to 10-15 thousand dollars, which is also pretty beneficial. 

What are the prizes in online casino tournaments? 

You can win real money, which you can withdraw from your account or use for bets. But sometimes prizes in competitions can be: 

  • Bonus money that requires wagering. 
  • Free spins. 
  • Loyalty points which give many privileges. 

Some online casinos may also give away other prizes, such as gift cards, accessories, and more.