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For Some TV Series, Patience is a Virtue

Why 'Superstore,' 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' and 'The Grinder' Deserve a Second Season

FROM CAMPAIGN US: As the broadcast networks craft their early prime-time programming blueprints for next season, now is the time for me to campaign for the ratings-challenged freshman series I think are most worthy of renewal.

Naturally, it is not just about traditional Nielsen ratings that determine whether a show stays on air anymore. Time-shifted viewing and social media traction are two additional elements that can add to the success, or failure, of any series. And don’t forget critical acclaim.

In the tradition of classics like “All in the Family,” “MASH” and “Cheers,” shows that started out slow and owe their longevity to the support of TV critics, let me use my power of the pen to lobby for three single-camera comedies I feel are worth more time: NBC’s “Superstore,” The CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and Fox’s “The Grinder.”

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  1. CW will probably renew Ex-Girlfriend due to the award stuff like with Jane last season but FOX should not be bringing The Grinder back those ratings are way too low although there is other stuff that’s factored into these renewals plus FOX probably wants to keep their relationship with Rob Lowe. Other than that it needs to really go, FOX should get rid of every comedy not named New Girl.

    I think NBC is going to renew Superstore anyways, I don’t seeing it hitting like The Office because it’s real niche and has a ceiling, I think at best it’ll end up like P&R and Community in the long run. NBC still needs to look harder for their first super hit comedy since Will & Grace.

    An NBC show that’s in danger of getting cancelled that I would love to see renewed because I still believe it has ratings potential is Undateable Live. This can definitely be a late starter if programmed right. Undateable unfortunately in its run has been on an island by itself for the most part it’s never had a hit comedy next to it and moving it to Fridays set it back from its growth behind The Voice last season. If paired with the right comedy it can blossom in its 5th or 6th seasons. It’s too early to speak on Crowded and Carmichael but if they’re on the bubble I would save one of those two to be paired with Superstore next season.

    • I would love to see Undateable renewed but when a cheap reality show beats it in the ratings (that ridiculous Nick Cannon thing), it does not bode well. Who knows? Maybe NBC will show some mercy, renew it, and put it in a comfy spot this fall.

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