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Four Ways on How Internet and Social Media Helps Out Inventors

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Discoveries are not always met with positive reactions. Richard James was doing research on springs that would stabilize and provide support sensitive on-board equipment on carriers to help the US Navy during World War II.

Being the careless type he is, he dropped a few of these springs near the stairs. One fell, and he observed how the spring moved. It recoiled itself and stood upright on the floor. He immediately saw the potential of what he had created.

These turn of events would eventually lead to the birth of the slinky. Although James still pitched the idea to the Navy, he still got met with unresponsiveness. Due to this, he spent the next few years perfecting the toy which his wife aptly named, “Slinky.”

In the next few years, James would go on to sell almost a billion of these toys worldwide. Even up to today’s standard, the slinky could still entertain many adults and kids.

What’s Next?

So what if a person finds his eureka moment? “Eureka” is roughly translated into “I’ve found it, I’ve found it.” Some people find this overwhelming and tend to forget that an important part of discovery is missing. People yell “I’ve found it” yet, no one hears them.

Today’s inventors must know about the basics of making their inventions a reality. First off, going to agencies such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO can offer help for them. Inventors should make their inventions qualify for a patent. They are also required to describe all the aspects of their creation. Alternatively, a trademark attorney can lend a helping hand. If you’re from New York, NYC trademark attorneys can give you expert advice on the laws and guidelines on applying trademark rights in New York.

Next, an inventor must keep a record of his/her own invention. The process of making it should come in a notebook and must be detailed, step by step. Prototypes may also be developed if an invention calls for it. Documentation is a must and is a legal requirement to get a patent.

Whether they like it or not, an invention should be capable of being a commercial success. Inventions should be well thought, and its market should be studied well. Application for patents could cost a lot of money and time, so it is very worthwhile for the inventor to do some feasibility studies before they commit to it.

All these steps above are required to get a regular patent application or an RPA. When this is done, the USPTO will start its examination of an invention for it to get a patent. Lawyers may be needed to help in the application for patents, but a lot of people successfully acquired patents on their own.

A Whole New World

As various technologies shape our world, the ways in how we live our lives also change. From simple seat belts to inflatable airbags that would prevent car accident cases, from strings and cans to wireless phones, telegrams and letters to Facebook and twitter, the world has indeed changed, and we are witnessing it.

Technologies of this kind also gave birth to a new world within our world. It is where faces and identities become anonymous, where wars going on daily without physical casualties, a place where everyone has a chance to be seen and heard. It has both people and Robots in them that can do a lot of jobs. Welcome to the world of the Internet and Social Media.

Due to the excellent visibility that social media brings, inventors would be foolish not to step foot in such a vast world. In this article, we give a chance to the new inventors of the world that we live in. How they can use the other world Social Media to make a splash, become visible, and in essence, to shout out to everyone. Here’s how the internet and social media help inventors:

Setting Up

Inventors should set up profiles not only on Facebook but also on other platforms. The interaction between communities is becoming closer and closer each day. Chances are if a person has a Facebook account, they probably have Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Facebook and Twitter profiles are standard. What most people don’t know is how important a LinkedIn profile can become. The trend of today is that entrepreneurs, investors, and representatives of large firms look for a person’s or a company’s LinkedIn profiles. The networking opportunity is also limitless when it comes to LinkedIn.


Once a profile is established, then content or in this case, an invention can be in production. It should center on how it can help humanity achieve an easier way of doing jobs and tasks. An invention should not focus on the ways of the old, rather, it should focus on innovation and creativity.

When creating content, one should ask a lot of questions like, is it beneficial to humankind? Does it justify the means to the ends? Is it marketable? Can anyone use it? Does it cater to appeal?

Content and visibility go hand in hand. It is more beneficial for a business owner to have good content and little visibility rather than have tons of visibility and have poor content(this would boomerang and have adverse effects).

Creating Partnerships

As mentioned above, networking becomes unlimited and powerful through the right connections. All of the qualities described in this article compliment each other. Good quality content brings social media presence which in turn provides reliable connections. These connections would then rake in profit for the inventor.

Keeping up

Once a routine is considerably successful, the inventor should view this situation as an opportunity to grow and develop. Inventions and ideas can branch out, enabling more connections to see it. If this trend goes on and becomes successful, then profit and success are imminent.


Nowadays, a simple Eureka may not be enough for an invention or discovery to be great. An inventor like Richard James had this eureka moment, but it wasn’t enough since rejection met him. He ultimately succeeded due to smart marketing strategies and the pure joy his invention brought to the public.

In today’s world, social media exists. Social media has become so big that it has arguably, become another world that is coexisting with our physical world. Human limitations are non-existent in this world. You can reach out to someone and poke them anywhere in the world!. This world makes it very advantageous to an inventor whose goals are for the world to see his/her creation.