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Freeform Renews Sitcom ‘Young & Hungry’

First Series to Be Renewed Under the Freeform Banner

On the heels of the cancellation of “Kevin From Work” comes word that Freeform has renewed sitcom “Young & Hungry” for a fourth season. Debuting on June 25, 2014 and set in San Francisco, “Young & Hungry” follows a wealthy entrepreneur Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) who hires food blogger Gabi (Emily Osment) to be his new personal chef. “Young & Hungry” is now the first series to be renewed under the new Freeform banner.

The current season of “Young & Hungry” currently airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET. The number of new episodes order has not been confirmed yet.


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  1. I really haven’t seen the show since season 1 but I thought it was a nice cute little show back then. I’m glad to see them renew it as I’m rooting for all multi-cams hard right now.

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