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Fujairah Adventure: Things to Do and Best Places to Eat

Fujairah may seem different from the rest of the United Arab Emirates because it is on a different type of land surround by mountains instead of sand. But it’s only a three-hour drive from Abu Dhabi, and there’s a lot to see and do there for people who want a change of scene. Here The Planet Adventure make a list of Fujairah Adventure top places to visit.

What Should Do During Fujairah Adventure

Snorkeling and scuba diving are two water sports that a lot of people enjoy.

More sea life on the north of Khor Fakkan and Dibba on the coast of Fujairah than on the coast of Abu Dhabi. You can often see turtles, sharks, and rays among the big schools of fish. Most hotels in Fujairah offer diving trips to the Indian Ocean. At the Le Meridian Al Aqah Beach Resort, a professional diver named Al Boom runs a shop where people can go diving. Al Boom rents out gear and teaches people how to scuba dive in the best places.

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Mountains and wetlands go together very well.

The Hajar Mountains, which rise above the Indian Ocean, can see from the land. This is nothing like the rolling dunes and beautiful beaches. Before you get to know the area better, you should only hike and mountain bike with a tour group. Absolute Adventure offers more than just hiking and biking. They also have trips to the coast and Dibba Mountain.

There is the Friday Market and there is bull-butting:

The Masafi Friday Market in Ras Al Khaimah, only 20 minutes from Fujairah, is a great place to see how the East and West coasts of the United Arab Emirates are different in terms of culture. On the E88, about 30 kilometers from the center of Fujairah, you’ll find the Friday Market in Masafi. Enjoy the market’s sights, sounds, and smells as you look for cheap carpets, pottery, and fresh food. After that, you can watch bull-butting in Fujairah. Every Friday, hundreds of people gather on Fujairah Corniche to watch bull-butting, a traditional sport that takes place on a flat, open, dusty stretch of land. It’s like “bull sumo,” where two huge bulls fight each other to the ground. Around 5 p.m., people start to come together.

Your list of malls will get bigger:

At the very least, the central shopping mall in Fujairah would not impress people who live in the capital. There are more than 100 high-street stores, a great food court, a movie theater, and a Magic Planet amusement center in the mall, which is popular with visitors and people who collect malls.

People like to go boating and play water sports.

Not everyone likes to scuba dive or snorkel, but the International Marine Club in Fujairah is a great place to start trying other water sports. You can catch Dorado, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, amberjacks, and marlins on the UAE’s coast. The maritime club plans trips, or you can rent a boat or Jet Ski and go for a ride on your own. As a bonus, you might see a group of Harley-Davidson bikers on a weekend road trip stop at the club’s Bikers Café.

Best Places to Eat In Fujairah

The Case of McGettigan’s Fujairah:

Only more so than the Irish brand’s other locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. McGettigan’s is a Fujairah favorite because it always has events like ladies’ nights, open mic nights, quiz nights, sports screenings, happy hours, and brunches.


Since they are one of the most popular things to do in Fujairah, why not eat on one to extend your beach time? At Waves, the romantic restaurant at the Fujairah Rotana, you can eat in a private cabana with a view of the Indian Ocean and scented candles all around you. But if you’re here to propose, we suggest you don’t order the grilled seafood platter. No one will say yes after seeing you eat so much of it.


Even though Miramar Al Aqah is on the beach, the interior of its pan-Asian restaurant is not very bright. It is on the trendy end of the dark range because it has furniture that looks like Asia architecture. You can get high-quality Asian food here, such as Japanese teriyaki, Indonesian noodles, Chinese Manchurian, and Singapore lobster, among other things.


This restaurant in Fujairah is famous for its authentic Italian food, made by Chef Angelo Usai from Italy. It might not seem like the best idea to eat at a bare-bones restaurant right next to the free-zone entrances, but if you ask people leaving the restaurant if they had a good time, they’ll probably say yes.

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The Great Meshwar:

Even though The Great Meshwar looks like a castle from the outside (maybe as a tribute to the forts and hills nearby), the ceilings inside painted with moons and stars. You can try to order, but it’s best to let the servers do the work for you by bringing platters of grilled meat, fresh bread, and lots of hot and cold mezze to each table.