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Ways How People React to Common Cold Post COVID-19 Global Pandemic

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COVID-19 global pandemic has dramatically transformed the lives of people in the United States. Americans were in home quarantine and self-isolation due to social distancing dictates due to the ongoing pandemic. Numerous Americans contracted the deadly COVID-19, countless American families lost their loved ones, and millions soon lost their jobs. Hence, they could not avail their employer-sponsored medical or healthcare policies and facilities during this global healthcare crisis. 

‘Work from home’ or WFH became a new reality. Only frontline service providers went to work every day, despite the dire circumstances. Schools soon opted for conducting online classes. Parents were juggling office work, household chores, and childcare. Healthcare providers and first responders kept working overtime to save as many lives as possible. We started witnessing a dip in life expectancy, especially for Latino and Black Americans. Among the things that changed drastically post the onslaught of COVID-19 is the way, people perceived the common cold. 

Today whenever people see symptoms of the common cold, they are on high alert, and they keep watching out for any distinct COVID symptoms like loss of the sense of smell or a metallic taste in their mouths. According to Mayo Clinic, many symptoms of COVID-19, flu, common cold, and seasonal allergies are similar. Both the common cold and COVID-19 are triggered by viruses. SARS-CoV-2 causes COVID-19, while rhinovirus causes the common cold. These viruses seem to spread or get transmitted in similar methods and cause many similar symptoms and signs.

Things Took a Dramatic Turn Once Coronavirus Was Detected

The common cold suddenly started attracting undue attention ever since we were hit by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Until 2020, it seemed natural to leave the common cold unattended till the associated symptoms gradually subsided. Nobody would ever talk with concern about acquiring the common cold. Previously many of your colleagues would still attend the office as usual despite being down with a sore throat and runny nose. 

Common Cold Is No Longer Normal, Seasonal, or Common These Days

The pre-COVID-19-days common cold was seasonal, common, and nothing to worry about. Everybody waited for the common cold cycle to be completed, and nobody was unduly worried about the infection spreading through a community. Nobody back then would cough or sneeze and feel guilty or embarrassed at the thought of spreading the deadly virus infection to everyone around. There was no concept of using sanitizers or masks to cover up your face every time you got a common cold infection. Things progressed without any hitches during the common cold infection season just like in any other time of the year.

Dramatic Change after Coronavirus Was Detected

The necessity to adopt and implement a new set of health and hygiene practices arose when COVID-19 impacted the global health scenario in December 2019. The unknown and unpredictable coronavirus started spreading unimaginably, just like a forest fire, consuming nation after nation. Nobody knew how to put this devastation to an end or even control its onslaught. Medical experts realized that the only way to escape unscathed from the deadly COVID-19 infection is by preventing the deadly virus from entering your body. Renowned health agencies worldwide agreed that it was mandatory to wear masks, maintain social distancing, practice home isolation, and keep sanitizing your hands from time to time throughout the day.

Sore Throat and Runny Nose Are Not Common Today

In the post-COVID-19 era, people become hyper the moment they see common cold symptoms, and they at once go for a COVID test. Nobody ever thought of visiting a doctor when they were down with common cold issues before 2020. Common cold issues were a cause of slight concern back then only when elderly family members or kids developed a common cold. According to, people would let the common cold take its toll on their health as they believed it would ultimately go away without any medical intervention. After the ongoing onslaught of the dangerous COVID-19 global pandemic today, people are conscious and alert the moment they see common cold symptoms. They at once initiate proactive treatment and religiously follow health and hygiene practices to prevent the deadly coronavirus from affecting them or others.

Quarantine Is Mandatory

Did anyone ever quarantine himself before the COVID era for a simple common cold? No never. When COVID-19 hit us in 2020, it was declared a global pandemic by the medical fraternity. The most crucial step taken by healthcare authorities was to quarantine infected people and keep their close contacts away. This proactive step was effective in disrupting the chain of infection transmission. Patients were kept strictly under quarantine while the virus incubation period lasted. A couple of years later, despite vaccination and administration of the booster shots, home quarantine and social distancing are recommended in case any common cold symptoms arise like sore throat, fever, headache, or runny nose.


Before the advent of the COVID-19 era, nobody ever took common cold issues that seriously. People were aware that it was a communicable disease, but the symptoms would clear on their own within a few days. These days isolation is a must if you have developed common cold symptoms. Employees are directed to follow home isolation measures if they are down with a common cold. People are constantly living with the fear of COVID-19.