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The Future of NBC’s ‘The Mysteries of Laura’

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  1. NBC would be some damn fools to get rid of Queen Laura. The one thing about Laura is that its episode count doesn’t benefit NBC only Warner Bros. but if WB can keep this baby alive it will be beast on the syndication market as I could easily see it because of its older-skewing audience repeating well there as this show has Murder, She Wrote written all over it.

    The show has a good viewership numbers every week and that actually makes it a pretty good lead-in especially for SVU who has to fight off Criminal Minds and Chicago PD benefits from whatever SVU gets although it’s a self-starter in its own right at this point. It is still a perfect fit with this Women Crush Wednesdays block its helped make NBC competitive in every hour and win some of the nights throughout the season. That’s one of the things that I’m afraid of with Heartbreaker potentially bringing this whole block down when it debuts and you will really see Laura’s value then at that point.

    So the show still has an option to lead-off Wednesdays next season but it should get a full 22. If NBC wants a different lead-in maybe a Chicago Law or something then Laura could easily settle in on Fridays which need a huge revamp after this season. CBS figured that night out pretty well with older-skewing procedurals and NBC can do the same.

  2. It’s so dramatic to say I’m done with NBC if they cancel my show. I dislike Debra Messing so much as an actress (not a Will & Grace fan) that I couldn’t bring myself to even sample this show. Same thing with Tea Leoni and Madame Secretary. But, if NBC renews Laura, I’d still watch other programs on the network. 🙂

  3. Superb show of good humor and great crime stories. I love it. I’d hate to see it go. I know it skews a bit older but for a self starter it isn’t doing awful. As Marc, myself and others have said, let it be a Friday option for NBC.

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