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Future-Proof Your Career: Well-Paying Jobs Expected to Remain in High Demand

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We are certainly living through unprecedented times and the range of challenges that people across the world are facing mean that we are also facing job lifestyle insecurities that have not been seen in most of our lifetimes. 

The statistics

As with all times of change, among the areas at risk, there are areas that look as though they will continue to thrive.  According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, while the job market may be unstable for some, there are some roles that are increasingly in demand. The top ten fastest occupations, according to the BLS are:

  • nurse practitioners, 
  • wind turbine service technicians, 
  • lobby attendants (ushers and ticket takers), 
  • motion picture projectionists, 
  • cooks, 
  • athletes and sports competitors, 
  • information security analysts,
  • statisticians. 

These top ten can be easily divided into three main categories: health and lifestyle, the environment, and tech. If you look at the data a little closer it is clear that much of the rise of tech jobs can be attributed to our health and lifestyle. So much of what we do is centered around digital which leads to the need for designers and technicians. And, of course, every time we access anything digital we create data; someone needs to interpret that to ensure that the technicians and designers know how to improve… and so the cycle continues. 

Based on the evidence, it would appear that digital is an area that, whatever life throws at us, will most likely remain at the center of everything we do. As such, tech jobs are currently in high demand as well as offering good future prospects.  If you are looking for a career that is likely to offer you long term security as well as good benefits, then one of the tech jobs below might be the best option for you.

Data scientist 

Data science jobs offer a good salary, good career prospects and long-term security. Thanks to the surge in AI and the Internet of Things, data science jobs are created at a quicker rate than they can be filled. That is great news for aspiring data scientists, because it means that there are plenty of job opportunities coming up all the time. 

Thanks to the talent gap, which means that there are currently more tech jobs available than people to fill them, data science is a good area to get into right now. Starting at entry level and working your way up fairly quickly is a real prospect if you put in the time and can demonstrate your skillset. 

Information security analyst

Data security is becoming increasingly important to consumers as they share their personal information with more organizations and, as a result, put themselves at increasingly greater risk. You wouldn’t buy a Lamborghini and keep it unlocked on a main road, and nor do organizations invest six figures to develop a high end website without investing in appropriate security. With people choosing to check companies out online before hitting the high street, or vice versa, and many of us choosing the convenience of online meetings, banking and communications, organizations – and their customers – are at risk of exploitation every second of every day. It’s not surprising, then, that the BLS predicts a 35% growth in IT security analyst jobs between 2021 and 2031. 

Web developer

There was a time when a website – any website – was sufficient for an organization to have some kind of online presence. In a time when it is extremely rare for any organization within any industry NOT to be online in some way, web developers are among the heroes of the digital revolution. Offering a little more creativity, this role combines technical and design skills and has great career opportunities for the right person. 

Software developer

Our grandparents may not know what software actually is, but the likelihood is that they utilize it multiple times every single day. Software is at the core of all things digital and, as a result, the BLS predicts a 20% increase over the 10-year reporting period. The variety involved in software development makes it an exciting career choice as well as being well paid and offering security. 

Data engineer

With all these people using digital, there is a vast volume of data streaming in at all times. Data is a wonderful thing, but unless you know how to extract the information you need, so that you can decide what to do with it, it is useless. Data engineers apply a wealth of skills to extract the data that is required and organize it effectively so that the data scientists can work their magic. 

Landing the right job in tech

One of the great things about tech jobs is that you don’t necessarily need a college degree in order to succeed. Sometimes, getting a great job is a game of numbers; make enough applications and sooner or later you are bound to be successful. However, there are some things that you can do to improve your chances. 

Gaining experience is very valuable, so regardless of your age or previous experience, try getting yourself out there with an internship or something similar.

Networking is also a great idea; speak to current and former colleagues, friends and family about your ambitions and see if any of them have any advice to offer.  

Improve your skillset – just because you don’t need a degree to succeed in tech, doesn’t mean you don’t need to be skilled. There are a range of courses – online and via colleges- that will help you to get skilled up ready for your ideal job.

Consult a recruiter – sometimes, it pays to trust the professionals and when it comes to making wise career choices, it may be wise to get in touch with a tech recruiter. They will have unrivalled insight into the employment market and have an idea of what opportunities are likely to come up, and how you can make your resume look attractive for them when they do. 

Changing careers is a brave move, but if you don’t do it, you will never know how far you could have gone. If you are considering a new job or a new career, take the time to weigh up the pros and cons and, if you do decide to take the leap, make sure that you commit in order to achieve the best results.