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Gateways for Accepting Ethereum Payments: Top 3

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies has prompted a shift in how businesses previously handled digital money. More and more businesses are making efforts to modernize because they see the many benefits of accepting cryptocurrency payments. Bitcoin and Ethereum now share the mantle of the most widely accepted cryptocurrency payment method. 3,500+ retailers worldwide accept Ethereum. The unprecedented success of ETH has prompted businesses to reevaluate their payment processing methods and seek for the most reliable Ethereum payment processor in order to begin accepting the cryptocurrency.

Definition of a cryptocurrency payment gateway

In order to accept cryptocurrency payments for products and services or other types of mutual settlements, a cryptocurrency payment gateway must be set up. Payment gateways that support cryptocurrency are a quick, easy, and safe method to send and receive cryptocurrency. When a user makes payment arrangements via a gateway, the gateway takes over all Bitcoin transactions. Not only may you receive cryptocurrencies via a crypto gateway, but some services also provide automatic crypto-to-fiat conversion with other words, if a consumer pays you with ether, you’ll be paid in dollars. 

Cryptocurrency payment gateway advantages 

Key crypto-processing benefits include the following:

  • The capacity to take a variety of digital currencies as payment.
  • Commission structures that are completely open and free of traps and conditions.
  • Constant availability of tech support staff.
  • Instantaneous billing using your own account.
  • Payments may be made to several people automatically.
  • There will be zero reversals, freezes, and storage issues with your money.
  • Your personal account includes in-depth payment history details.
  • Lightning-fast network setup that has you accepting cryptocurrency payments in minutes.
  • The automatic exchange between crypto and fiat currency and vice versa.
  • All financial dealings are 100% safe.

3 Most Popular Ethereum Exchanges 

1. BitHide

BitHide is the world’s first and only fully anonymous blockchain payment gateway for cryptocurrencies and wallets. Using a hybrid of the Tor network and a virtual private network, we have created the “Dark Wing” system. As a result, your cryptocurrency transactions may be made completely undetectable, and you can accept Litecoin payments easily.

BitHide excels in several areas where its rivals fall short, including true anonymity and simplicity of accounting. These are the most significant benefits:

  • Integration Simplicity
  • Anonymity
  • Examination of Secret Numbers
  • Multi-store account management
  • Withdrawal of Funds

2. NOWPayments 

NOWPayments accepts over 100 digital currencies. The most prominent content management systems (CMS) have plugins available for retailers to utilize, as do APIs, online POS terminals, invoice generation, and more. In addition, NOWPayments makes it simple for users to set up a variety of contribution widgets, buttons, and links. For salary payments, commissions, and more, the service lets customers set up bulk distributions.In addition, NOWPayments facilitates customers’ ability to automate the process of exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat currency.

3. CoinPayments

CoinPayments is a trusted and widely used cryptocurrency payment processor. This multi-currency wallet supports over 2000 coins and is simple to use. E-commerce plugins, buttons with configurable designs, application programming interfaces, invoicing, point-of-sale terminals, and more let merchants accept international crypto transactions fast and easily. In addition, the program facilitates the acceptance of cryptocurrency contributions by a wide range of charitable organizations. CoinPayments’ Cryptocurrency Vault is a great feature since it encrypts your money and keeps it secure.