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Who are Hacksaw Gaming

When it comes to the online casino industry, one essential component is the developers who are active in the space. Hacksaw Gaming is amongst them, implementing their renowned practices in a host of varied casino games. Consequently, players could find a number of unique releases stemming from this team when scouring for an online casino game. In order to understand all there is to know regarding Hacksaw Gaming, we will be detailing their origins, what makes them popular, as well as a handful of their most established games. 

The History of Hacksaw Gaming  

Hacksaw Gaming’s origins date back a short period of time to 2016, having its roots in Malta, due to it being the country it was founded in. Prior to its conceptualisation, the company’s founders had extensive experience in the online gaming industry, with many of them previously operating within leading gaming companies. Consequently, they took this deep understanding of the industry and applied it to Hacksaw Gaming. They had already established a number of challenges many game developers face and therefore were able to navigate around these issues from the get-go.

Initially, Hacksaw created some smaller slot games; however, they prioritised the quality in order to begin growing an impressive library. But as the company grew, it expanded its game offerings to include a wider range of casino games, including bingo and scratch cards, maintaining a simplistic and easily accessible design philosophy. 

Hacksaw Gaming’s Best Slot Games 

Hacksaw Gaming’s game library includes a wide range of popular casino games, including slots, bingo, and scratch cards. The company’s slots games are particularly popular, with titles that are known for their engaging gameplay and high-quality graphics. Combining all these elements together helps to create some immersive gaming experiences, and therefore, we have selected 3 of their most popular titles to dissect for you.

Wanted Dead or a Wild Slot 

Starting with this Wanted Dead or a Wild slot game, this is arguably one of their most popular titles. The reels are set against the backdrop of a desert landscape, with cacti and tumbleweeds adding to the Wild West atmosphere that is prevalent at first glance. This intriguing theme is only added to with a number of uniquely designed symbols, some of these including wanted posters, revolvers and cowboy hats, amongst some other Wild West iconography. 

There are 20 paylines in play with this title, which could also see a number of bonus symbols landed across them. Managing to land 3 of these simultaneously during a spin could result in the Jesse the Bounty Hunter bonus game being activated. In this game, players are tasked with tracking down a wanted outlaw, taking the role of a sheriff. Managing to do so could result in some larger payouts being rewarded when compared to the standard gameplay on offer. However, the bonuses aren’t limited to this, as there are also some more conventional wild symbols and free spins embedded into this title.

Gladiator Legends Slot 

Straying away from the American Wild West, Gladiator Legends instead centres its gameplay around the sporting warriors of the Roman empire. The game’s 5×3 reels are positioned in front of one of the grant coliseums, with a cheering crowd overlooking the sandy arena below. This immersive theme is only improved via the included Roman-themed imagery that makes up the symbols, with some of these including weapons, shields and titular gladiators. Alongside the already polished gameplay, Hacksaw implements an additional bonus game which is titled Gladiator Battle. Should you manage to trigger this, it will put players in a fight against an opposing gladiator. Managing to come out successful could result in the player receiving some additional prize payouts. Once again, Hacksaw implements some more traditional bonuses in the form of free spins and wilds, reaffirming their accessible and simplistic philosophy. 

Alpha Eagle Slot 

From ancient Rome to a more naturalistic setting, Alpha Eagle is another impressive creation in Hacksaw Gaming’s portfolio. The game 5-reel and 4-row playgrid are situated in front of a number of mountainous peaks, with snow covering the rock formations as it falls down from above. A futuristic soundtrack accompanies players as they spin the reels, which becomes more suspenseful and intense as more and more bonus symbols potentially land on the reels. The symbols display a number of different animals you would expect to find in this hash wilderness, as well as some more conventional playing card symbols, which are outfitted with rocky lettering and textures. Not only does the game feature a wild as a bonus mechanic, but the free spins could also bring multipliers and stack symbols into play, in turn providing a nuanced level of game design.

Why are Hacksaw Gaming Games so Popular? 

One of the key features of Hacksaw Gaming’s games is their focus on simplicity and accessibility. The company’s games are designed to be easy to understand and play, making them ideal for both experienced gamers and casual players. In addition, Hacksaw Gaming’s games are mobile-friendly, meaning that they can be played on a host of different devices, including but not limited to smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Another key aspect of Hacksaw Gaming’s approach is its commitment to fairness and transparency. The company uses a certified random number generator, more commonly known as RNG, to ensure that its games are completely random. This means that the outcomes of their games are determined purely by chance and not by any hidden algorithms or other unfair practices.

Hacksaw Gaming’s game library is also a key factor in its popularity. The company offers a wide range of popular casino games, all of which are distinctive due to the integration of high-quality graphics and inventive gameplay mechanics. Therefore, this almost ensures that no two of their titles are identical, meaning there is certainly some variety to potentially choose from.


Overall, Hacksaw Gaming is a leading casino game developer that is known for its focus on simplicity, fairness, and fun. The company’s games are popular among both experienced gamers and casual players, and their commitment to transparency and player satisfaction has helped to establish them as a trusted and respected name in the online gaming industry.