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GB Whatsapp Pro Apk Download

There are so many advanced apps that can do the same as GB WhatsApp. But it doesn’t make wa users feel alone.

If you want to download gb wa we will provide you a free download link which is safe. That way you can enjoy the chat features that are not in the official version.

The modification is designed to make users feel more secure when using WhatsApp. If the original WhatsApp notifies other users that you are online, typing a message for someone and viewing another WhatsApp user’s status, GB WhatsApp does not.

The following are some examples of features you can have using the GB WhatsApp Mod app:

  1. WA GB can download the status of other users
  2. GB WA can hide the watching status
  3. GB WhatsApp can open deleted messages
  4. GB WhatsApp Pro can activate offline status
  5. WA GB Full Privacy Settings
  6. GB WA Many main themes to choose from
  7. GB WA can automatically reply to messages

8.WA GB can call and send messages without saving the number

  1. GB WhatsApp Apk can change special font for WhatsApp app

And did you know that if a modified version comes out, namely GB whatsapp, of course, almost all WA users already know about it.

The original WhatsApp app does not have a special feature to change or change the font type. WhatsApp GB provides this feature to make your chat window look more attractive. To use this feature, you definitely need to install the modded WhatsApp first.

GB Whatsapp Pro Apk Download