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You’ll Get to Know About 3 Types of Wigs and Their Specifications.

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In this blog, you’ll get to know about 3 types of wigs and their specifications.

Closure wigs

  • What is it?
  • Features of closure wig

Human hair wigs with bangs

  • Why choose to Throw on and go Human hair wigs with bangs?
  • Advantages of Human hair wigs with bangs:

Wet and wavy wig

  • Luvmehair Wet and wavy wig
  • How to create a wet and sleek look with wet and wavy hair?

Closure wigs:

A closure wig is a type of lace wig but it comes with a temple to temple closure of different sizes. It can be 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, or 7×7. It means 4 inches from the front and 4 inches from the back. Its sheer mesh is sewn in a U-shaped that covers the temple to the temple area and gives the illusion that hair is grown from the scalp. This wig can also be installed by glue or without glue. Lace closure can be styled in a center part or side part hairstyle. 

Features of closure wig:

  • If you’re facing any hair issues, you can opt for lace closure to conceal the head.
  • A human hair closure wig easily blends with your natural hair and gives a natural look.
  • Its lace material is breathable keeps your scalp comfy and didn’t invite sweat in summers.
  • Its lace material can be made of silk but the lace material is more flexible and provides seamless installation.  
  • The closure wig is mostly sewn in a center so remains durable and blends well in your scalp.
  • A closure wig is the best choice for people suffering from alopecia or hair thinning.
  • If you like simple styling mostly center part styling then go for a closure wig. 
  • It covers the center part of the hair as its lace is sewn in a horseshoe shape.
  • If you’re looking for an affordable wig then a closure wig is the best option to look for. 

If you’re searching for some reliable source for buying a closure wig then Luvmehair is for you. This best-in-class wig world is filled with each type of wig. Luvmehair ensures the up-to-the-mark quality of wigs and provides 100% human hair wigs that are affordable, durable, and look realistic. 

Human hair wigs with bangs:

Anyone fond of human hair wigs with bangs shouldn’t miss throw on and go wigs. This wig type is exclusively defined and created by Luvmehair that meets the needs of a bangs lover while maintaining a balance of convenience, beauty, and durability. The best thing about Luvmehair is that their wigs are made of human hair. 

Why choose to Throw on and go Human hair wigs with bangs?

Throw on and go wig is an effortless way to style. This premier launch of luvmehair has spellbound wig lovers. The cherry on the top, this wig comes with bangs. Bangs are always in a fashion that makes you look cheerful, younger, and fun-loving. It adds a unique charm to your personality that you carry happily. 

A human hair wig with effortless installation and with bangs, what a trio so what else do you need. Go for it and add grace and glamour to your personality. It didn’t require any wig cap to install it. Throw on and go wig with bangs is also the easiest hairdo if you’re running short of time for a party. Just throw it on your head and slay the bangs in no time. You can buy this human hair made as a throw on and go wig with bangs from Luvmehair. It is available in curls and bob as well. Must give it a try and flatter the natural-looking bangs.

Advantages of Human hair wigs with bangs:

  • Throw & go wig can be installed in no time and you also don’t need any adhesive or the help of a stylist to wear this coolest wig. It comes with a headband along the hairline to secure the wig so you can stay comfortable.
  • Bangs look stylish and give your face a whole new look so rather than cutting your bangs you can try this human hair wig with bangs that look natural and can’t be detected that you’re wearing a wig. 
  • Another advantage of wearing a human hair wig with bangs is that it covers the hairline of the wig.
  • A human hair wig with bangs can also highlight your facial features and you can fulfill your dream of bangs without cutting your natural hair.
  • Luvmehair throw on and go wig isn’t less than a blessing for bangs lovers as it’s made of human hair and requires minimal time to wear and it comes with pre-installed bangs.

Now, what are you waiting for? Buy the human hair wig with bangs and flatter the bangs to cherish your beauty. 

Wet and wavy wig:

Luvmehair wet and wavy wig are no less than icing on a cake for curls and straight hair lovers. This wet and wavy hair can be switched into straight hair by using a flat iron and after water spray; the wig can again turn into wet and wavy hair. 

This magical wig is exclusively available at Luvmehair at an affordable price. The quality of the wig is superb so must give it a try. Wet and wavy hair have different types; it comes with a headband or you can buy a lace front wet and wavy wig for the easiest installation. I bet you won’t regret buying it from Luvmehair.  Go for wet and wavy hair because it fulfills the needs of curly and straight hairs in one go and didn’t damage your natural hair. 

Create a Wet look with Wet and wavy hair:

Wet and wavy hair looks eye catchy and the wet look of the hair gives a bold look so if you want to style your wet and wavy wig into a wet look then follow the steps below.

  • Dip the wet and wavy hair into the water so curls can be activated.
  • Now divide the wet and wavy wig into 4 parts.
  • Apply cream moisturizer to every section and then apply hair oil on all parts of the wig.
  • It’s time to brush each section with a wide toothcomb and set the all sections together.
  • After setting the sections of the wig, place the wig on a wig stand and let it air dry fully.
  • Your wet and wavy wig with a natural wet look is ready. Wear it and slay the bold look.
  • Wash your wet and wavy wig after every week so the curls can stay fresh and clean.
  • Use right care products according to wig type. Human hair wig has separate products that keep the wig alive as new.

Create a sleek and straight look with wet and wavy hair:

If you want to achieve a straight look with your wet and wavy wig you can use these methods. These methods are effortless, less damaging for a wig, and can help you to achieve a straight hair look from a wet and wavy wig.

  • You can use a brush, especially a round brush to smooth out the curls. Brush each section of the wig to get a kinky starlight hair look.
  • If you want to achieve a sleek straight look with a wet and wavy wig then use flat iron or straightener. 
  • Divide the wig into sections and apply heat-resistant spray on each section and then straighten the wet and wavy hair by using a flat iron and get sleek starlight hairs. 
  • But remember to use low-temperature heat so the heat didn’t damage hair.