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Get the Best Out of Your Netflix Account

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Netflix is one of the top streaming  services that offer a world of entertainment with a variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and many other thousands of shows at your fingertips. For you to gain access you need to have a subscription though you can still get a free plan but with limited access to shows. But, in case you decide to go for the subscription plans and considering that you will be paying for the services you need to get the best out of your Netflix account and ensure that you’re utilizing your subscription well. 

The platform is user-friendly with a welcoming home page. However, there are effective tools and tricks unknown to many that can help you get the best out of your Netflix account. Whether you want to know how to find the very best top niche subcategories or want the best performance on the platform, here are some tips and hacks on getting the best out of your Netflix account.

Download for later

There’s often a challenge when it comes to streaming services that require a high-quality internet connection. Netflix introduced an option to download movies and shows that you can watch when you’re offline. This allows you to download some of your favorites and watch them on the go. This is important if you are within an area with an unstable internet connection. You can utilize the download option by downloading movies and shows during the non-peak hours that you can enjoy watching later during your free time. 

The download option is also helpful for travel. All you’ve got to do is load up your phone or tablet with hours of your favorite shows and say goodbye to any data overages. The only disadvantage about downloading is that the movies and shows will require a bit of time and storage space.

Troubleshoot streaming issues

Streaming challenges can be quite frustrating. Sometimes your streaming and TV needs some troubleshooting to fix any issues that might arise. Get an expert to help fix any streaming or TV issues you might be experiencing. Contact experts at sensemother and get custom fixes to any issues you might be experiencing.

Create different profiles 

You can easily set up profiles for all your family members. This will allow you to have different accounts for your parents, siblings, and others rather than have your child use your account while you have shows not suitable for children. It also reduces the number of children’s shows in your account allowing you to go directly to your preferred shows upon signing in making your browsing and viewing experience much better.

Customize your subtitles

If you enjoy watching foreign films you will need subtitles. You can adjust the default Netflix subtitles based on your preferences by changing the color, size, font, and depending on what fits the title you’re viewing. Simply go to Your Account > Your Profile > Subtitle Appearance, and select your preferred options. 

These are just a few of the tips and tricks to getting the most out of your Netflix account. You can also search beyond Netflix for top shows and use better browsing tools to check out new releases and improve your search. Try and utilize the site well by learning the powerful sorting options for your queue available.