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Roku vs. Hulu – Which One Should You Get?

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The internet entertainment industry has grown incredibly ever since COVID-19 impacted the globe. With national governments imposing lockdowns, people have had no other choice but to stay at home. Roku and Hulu technologies have endured as a result. Built for streaming, the two media players allow you to watch shows and movies online. However, Hulu and Roku bear several inconceivable differences. Below are factors that will help you choose the best from the rest.

1) Peak Performance

Are you experiencing problems with Hulu? Research shows that the platform overheats due to regular and prolonged use. However, Roku overheating problems only occur when there is limited airflow to the set-top box or power cable-related issues. Thus, you are less likely to encounter downtime with Roku compared to when you use Hulu.

2) Function

Roku is a streaming device. Hulu is a streaming service. The latter, being an internet-accessible platform, allows you to stream content for a fee. On the contrary, Roku offers many free scenes and movies. Hence, Roku takes the day when it comes to function-ability.

3) Price

Are you a movie lover? For you to stream your favorite show on Hulu, you must pay a monthly subscription fee, non-negotiable. It is a costly affair! Conversely, Roku prices its packages competitively. Therefore, with a one-time standard charge of thirty dollars, you might stream free content for life.

4) Versatile

Roku is a magnificent device and is about the size of a deck of cards. Built to stream online content, you are able to run a variety of movie apps on the platform, including Hulu. However, that is not possible with Hulu. You see, Hulu is a service in itself, meaning you need a Roku fire stick to run.

5) Variety

You must pay for every single service on Hulu. To the average Joe, buying premium movie packages becomes a costly affair. Anyhow, Roku becomes the superior option, given that you can stream over a thousand shows for free. What’s more, you could access other streaming apps on Roku for twenty-five dollars a month. It is such a bargain!

6) Usability

Have you been looking for the perfect media streaming service? Roku is it. The gadget boasts more power, more apps, a better interface, and high usability. On the other hand, Hulu is more confusing to users, especially if you subscribe to the Hulu plus live TV plan.

7) Smart Search

Roku has an intelligent search feature that allows you to find your favorite show by typing in the name of an actor or part of the movie’s name. Additionally, you could perform a voice search and realize similar outcomes. However, the search criteria in Hulu is still generic.

8) Advertisements

The Roku fire stick makes free ad-supported streaming possible. Thus, you can watch whatever you want free of charge. On the contrary, you must pay for any Hulu show; even upgrade the package to save yourself from the regular TV commercials. With the above in mind, Roku bears more advantages than Hulu regarding online video streaming.