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Great Co-Working Tools To Boost Your Business

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Many aspects have changed in the last twenty or more years in the traditional business scene. We owe these changes to newer technology, the co-working environment, the internet, and even small business loans. Today offices and the working environment isn’t as uptight and cramped up as it used to be.

In short, nowadays, business owners can carry their offices in their handheld mobile devices or personal computers, while some don’t operate in a physical space. All of these changes and innovations mean changes for co-working too. There are tools and tips to help you build an ideal co-working space. In this article, you’ll learn how to improve your business or company’s productivity in a co-working environment.

Building an Excellent Co-working Space

More often than not, co-working spaces are shared workspaces, so it is vital always to seek to improve the overall co-working space and maintain sharpness at all private desks involved. Here are a few tips for building an ideal co-working area:

  • Create A Space Layout That Works: Creating a space layout that works for your business with different zones considered will go a long way. Make sure to add team rooms, private rooms, open space, restrooms, meeting rooms, cafeteria, and large tables. You can always access small business loans to create a space layout that works.
  • Foster Collaboration: Collaboration is one of the points of a great co-working space, and it allows cross-communication between members. Gathering feedback from different teams and micro-management will foster a social environment and excellent collaboration.
  • Choose Workspace Chairs and Desk Wisely: Make sure to mix aesthetics with comfort. Choose workspace wisely with ergonomic chairs and standing desks that have proper measurements that co-working occupants feel comfortable. Most co-working spaces go with height adjustable desks, comfy chairs, and nice furniture.
  • Healthy Snacks: Tasty and healthy snacks taken during breaks help catalyze the working process, spur creativity, communication, and interaction with coworkers. Avoid junk and sugary confectionery. Go with more salads, smoothies, tea, coffee, and sugar-free edibles.
  • Get Plant Decor: Flowers and indoor plants are great for co-working areas as biophilia has been shown to make people happier and less stressed. More so, natural plant decor adds value, beauty, fresh air, and a calming feel to the co-working room.

Best Tools for Co-working Spaces

An excellent co-working environment and synergy among employees is one of the underrated keys to business success. However, co-working spaces are slightly different from regular offices, and they carry energy and vibrancy. These are some tools to help you in your co-working space:

    • Hubspot: Hubspot is great for businesses that prioritize lead management and an effective marketing team. The Hubspot CRM tool helps keep all sales data in place, including deals and contacts. Users can organize all the deals, check out stages of their sales process, create tasks and reminders.
  • MailChimp: MailChimp allows you to have constant communication with your community, keeping them engaged with a weekly newsletter. You can communicate events and general announcements via MailChimp.
  • FlySpaces: FlySpaces is one of the perfect all-in-one tools to help you and your team generate leads while closing leads.
  • Teamup: Teamup is great for all your business online scheduling needs. It helps you manage your meeting room and the availability of other zones in your co-working environment. Some of Teamup’s tools, like different levels of access, come free of charge.

Other Ideas for Co-working and Boost Your Business

Co-working areas can be made an even better workspace when members are comfortable. Here are other ideas to improve your co-working space and boost your business:

  • Keep every piece of office equipment needed for everyday work.
  • Co-working zones with professionals from similar niches will create a great atmosphere and coherent community.
  • Consider only places/locations with high online and offline safety standards.
  • Go for areas near locations relevant to your business and where colleagues/members can feel at home.
  • Create at least one or two conference rooms so coworkers can book in advance when they need to meet.
  • Look for zones that aren’t too expensive.


Most co-working spaces are for entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, or even remote workers, so they need to be excellent. Tools and facilities like meeting rooms, desks, coffee tables, Wifi can go a long way in building an ideal co-working. 

Access to these tools and equipment can be made even quicker and easier when companies opt for small business loans; visit if you need more information about this.