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Guide On How To Choose a Facebook Advertising Agency

Are you worried you are betting on the wrong horse by allocating funds for Facebook advertising? Do you feel that having a Facebook page for your company is advertisement enough for your brand? If you do, maybe you should think again.

While having a Facebook page gives you enough visibility and enables you to engage with your target audience, paid Facebook ads are lifesavers where brand promotion and lead generation are concerned. So, the next time someone advises you not to spend money on Facebook ads, turn a deaf ear to such warnings.

According to AdEspresso, the average CPC or Cost-Per-Click for Facebook ads spiked by almost 17% between 2020 and 2021. If this trend is to continue, costs are expected to rise significantly over the next few years. While Zuckerberg’s tribe keeps squeezing our wallets dry, digital marketing agencies are working hard to keep pace with the changing social media algorithms. Businesses now need an effective and updated Facebook ad strategy that can only be provided by a reputed social media marketing agency.

Why you should search for a Facebook advertising agency for your company:

Facebook can become your go-to platform for all your advertising needs. Did you know that an average user will click on as many as 12 Facebook ads every month?

At the same time, it isn’t easy to get started with Facebook advertising when you are a newbie. Juggling between news feed promotions and desktop ads can be overwhelming. You must ensure that your campaigns yield results. That’s something that a Facebook ad agency can guarantee; not only will they create ads for you but also manage these on your behalf.

How can a Facebook advertising agency help your business?

  • Facebook ad agencies will identify your target customers, create custom audience groups, and build segmented campaigns to convey your message to those most likely to buy from you.
  • A Facebook ad agency will research your target customers, study the market, and help you create campaigns for engaging better with them.
  • These experts create the right kind of content for your ad campaigns, using the latest tools, software, skills, and technologies.
  • The agency will evaluate your campaign’s performance, and use metrics for deciding on their future course. Top-of-the-line agencies make use of real-time reports for fine-tuning campaigns to yield better results.
  • You can get useful analytics from the agency to optimize your campaigns for better outcomes. In-depth analytics teaches you how to create strong customer personas.

Tips to choose the right Facebook ad agency:

With so many advantages,  finding an agency to boost conversions should be simple, right?

Not really, because of the overwhelming numbers of Facebook ad agencies out there. A wrong choice of an agency can derail your efforts and make you lose money. Here are some useful tips to choose the right Facebook advertising agency for your business:

  • Understand your own goals: All social media ad agencies are not right for you; they handle different project sizes and work on different budgets. You must identify your own business goals first before hiring an ad agency. For instance, if you want to generate more leads without breaking the bank, you must create eye-catching ads. Your job is to look for an agency having expertise in this and is willing to work on a tight budget.
  • Consider services: It’s important to look at the range of services that the agency provides. Does it have an in-house video production team and graphic designing experts to make video ads for you or can it only produce basic ad campaigns using your company resources? Inquire about how the agency builds custom audiences, and how they research to identify the right prospects. Consider the experience they have with making ad copies and whether they provide bonus services like reporting and consulting.
  • Experience: While you don’t have to hire SaaS experts just because you run a SaaS company, it usually helps if they are familiar with the industry and its demands. They will know which marketing campaigns will work best for your company.
  • Testimonials: Don’t forget to look at case studies and read customer testimonials to know whether the agency has satisfied clients in the past. Genuine client feedback is the best way to get a peek into its performance and capabilities. If you can’t find reviews and feedback about an agency, it’s best to avoid it. It probably means they are new to this industry or aren’t credible enough.
  • Customer service: Never underestimate the value of good customer support services; this ensures you can clearly communicate with the agency at all times. That helps the agency to understand what your goals are and you can be assured of excellent support in exchange.

Using these guidelines, signing up with a reputed Facebook advertising agency shouldn’t be difficult. Seek their skills and expertise to get your message out there!