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Herbalife Reviews: Prolessa Duo, Dual-Action Formula

With the holidays just around the corner, many people are starting to revamp their health and wellness routines in preparation for winter holiday gatherings – specifically, their food intake and activity levels at these gatherings. 

While weight shouldn’t be the onus of a healthy lifestyle, controlling weight is important to many people trying to live healthier lives. Unfortunately, most people looking to lose weight turn to diets, and the statistics behind diet-based weight loss programs aren’t promising. Studies have shown that most fad diets are destined to fail, with long-term failure rates ranging between 80%-95%. One of the reasons for that failure is that most diets focus on quick and dramatic weight loss rather than healthy eating habits, increased exercise, and long-term focus. 

Studies have also shown that the months in which we usually partake in diets can be problematic because of our basic health instincts. Humans have evolved to seek out certain foods during cold, dark winter months. Fats and salts are part of a cold-climate winter diet. Evolutionarily, they helped humans survive winter weather that left food relatively scarce. They also increase serotonin and dopamine levels, which help fight off the doldrums of winter. They are, by nature, contributors to fat retention – which doesn’t bode well for the modern, highly-sedentary lifestyle. Even the most active humans are less active than our ancestors, who evolved this trait.

Luckily, many modern dietary supplement providers have found a way to battle natural cravings which are so often at the heart of failed weight loss plans. Herbalife Nutrition’s Prolessa Duo is one such dietary supplement aimed at helping customers follow up with their long-term weight loss goals. And when it comes down to it, Herbalife Reviews show that Prolessa Duo might go the extra mile to help people curb their cravings and work toward a weight loss or general health goal. 

How To Use Prolessa Duo

Prolessa Duo looks a lot like other Herbalife Nutrition products from the outside, but the way you use it varies distinctly from other Herbalife products. You have the option of choosing from a 7-day or 30-day supply in either a 2.6 oz or 11.2 oz canister. Die-hard Herbalife Nutrition fans typically incorporate their scoop of Prolessa Duo into their regular Formula 1 Shake, and this is what is recommended on the canister. However, this isn’t the only way users can enjoy it. It may also be used within a milk product, a non-dairy drink, or even mixed into a snack like yogurt. However, Herbalife Nutrition recommends not using Prolessa Duo in acidic drinks like orange juice or hot drinks like coffee, as this mitigates some of its dietary properties.

The company recommends using Prolessa Duo once per day. They also recommend consuming Prolessa Duo before the times of day you particularly struggle with overeating or binge eating to curb cravings preemptively. Before each use, shake the canister to re-incorporate ingredients, as ingredients have been known to settle. To use the product in a Formula 1 shake, add one scoop of mix and work into your shake for 5-10 seconds longer than you would shake your regular Formula 1 shake. To incorporate into other things, like yogurt, stir until dissolved.

What Is In Prolessa Duo?

One of the most extensive critiques of fad diets is what people consume to drop weight dramatically. Those looking to shed a few pounds sometimes take drastic measures at the expense of their health. Prolessa Duo encourages the opposite of this, encouraging mixing it into a healthy, light snack or drink.

Prolessa Duo contains natural ingredients, fats, proteins, and vitamins aimed at helping people healthily suppress cravings and reduce fat within the body. The most significant ingredient behind this is conjugated linoleic acid in the form of safflower oil. In several studies, the inclusion of conjugated linoleic acid in the form of safflower oil helped study participants with both weight loss and glucose level management. Safflower oil is a heart-healthy oil, so it provides these benefits without causing unwanted health issues that can result from the consumption of unhealthy fats. 

Prolessa Duo also contains two other healthy fats – Palm Oil and Oat Oil. Both are designed to enhance the feeling of fullness within the body, as they take longer to digest. 

As well as healthy fats, Prolessa Duo contains soy and milk proteins and no stimulants like many other weight management products available on the market. Those with soy and dairy allergies should avoid this product, as it might produce unwanted side effects due to the ingredients. Additionally, since this product contains dairy in the form of sodium caseinate, it is not suitable for vegans. However, if you follow a vegetarian lifestyle that includes dairy, Prolessa Duo is fine to consume. Sodium caseinate comes from cow’s milk and is responsible for the color and clarity of milk.

Can You Mix Prolessa Duo With Other Herbalife Products?

Many consumers writing Herbalife Reviews about Prolessa Duo are most excited about its diversified uses. As a powder, it works excellently mixed into dairy and plant-based milks, yogurts, and non-acidic smoothies. Combining Prolessa Duo with one of these carrier foods makes a proper meal or snack replacement. However, Herbalife fans will be happy to know that it is also regularly enjoyed mixed into a combination of Formula 1, Protein Drink Mix, and water. All you must do is mix the powders just a little longer than you would normally.

Herbalife Nutrition has gone out of its way to make drinking shakes exciting, providing a wide variety of Formula 1 flavors. So, rather than settling for the same flavor every day while including Prolessa Duo in your diet, those looking to curb cravings can combine it with a variety of Formula 1 drinks for a healthy meal replacement without sacrificing flavor variety. When made with Formula 1 and Herbalife’s Protein Drink Mix, fans of Herbalife can expect to intake around 200 calories and 24 grams of protein, which is a low-calorie way to stay full. Additionally, that combination includes 24 essential vitamins and minerals, which may help with a healthy immune system and essential daily nutrition.

The combination of a hearty protein and fat blend is designed to help you stay fuller longer, which naturally discourages the intermittent snacking that can cause so many of us to gain a few extra pounds here and there. However, for those who struggle with fat retention, the combination of Formula 1, Protein Drink Mix, and Prolessa Duo might be vital in reducing caloric intake and burning fat with the addition of exercise. Prolessa Duo’s conjugated linoleic acid claims to decrease body fat when consumed over time, causing a deficit in intake as well as a reduction of body fat.

Prolessa Duo is recommended for use only once per day as part of a healthy diet and exercise plan.

How Does Prolessa Duo Support Your Weight Loss Plan?

Prolessa Duo is a nutritional supplement designed to help people with their weight loss goals by controlling hunger and reducing fat storage within the body. Choosing from the 30-day supply or the 7-day supply allows people to meet short-term or long-term goals based on their needs, which is not typical of many diet products that expect their consumers to use their products for the long term. The product also seems to go beyond the typical weight loss drink offerings by addressing that people who seek weight loss solutions often struggle with how restrictive their food options are and struggle with adipose buildup.

This is likely due to how much thought went into the creation of Prolessa Duo. Herbalife Nutrition’s Prolessa Duo contains clinically-tested ingredients that have proven to work without harmful ingredients like many of its competitors. Herbalife Nutrition has gone out there way to address the research behind why so many long-term diets fail with the attempt to make it as easy as possible for people seeking weight loss to reach their goals.

Final Review

Prolessa Duo is a tasteless weight management powder designed to be enjoyed once per day. While its label says it is designed to be used with Formula 1, the company has made it possible to enjoy Prolessa Duo with a variety of drinks and non-acidic foods. For dieters, this is an impressive flex from the nutrition company and reflects many other Herbalife client product reviews and testimonials. The company seems to be genuinely interested in making healthy diets accessible for all rather than simply selling a product. To those who have tried (and subsequently failed) diet plans before, this is a breath of fresh air.

The other side to this is that variety seems to help in selling products aimed at an audience sick of the same old diet options. Having the option to pick different meals and snacks at breakfast, lunch, or dinner while still feeling confident about staying on track is a big draw-in for dieters and is part of the reasons why long-haul dieting works better than short-term diets.