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Here’s an Exclusive Interview with Joseph Toma

Joseph Toma is the director of Zaffet Joseph Entertainment and has been in the game of the entertainment industry for many years now. What he brings to weddings and other events are unforgettable shows, with the traditions of Zaffa that dates back to ancient Egypt. Zaffa is still a tradition that has been carried out for over 100 years and is very popular as a form of entertainment for weddings.

Joseph Toma has revolutionized Zaffa in the industry and has made it a unique experience for newlyweds to experience on their special day. We have the chance to have an exclusive interview with him and discuss the company and his successes.

What inspired you to join the entertainment business?

“I have always been a musician who wanted to give more. I once had a vision of being able to achieve something bigger than what I already had, which is what inspired me to start Zaffet Joseph Entertainment as a business. I wanted to show the beauty and fun of Zaffa to everyone and how it can make events come to life.”

Which wedding experience has been your favorite so far?

Our favorite experience so far has been with 20 drummers! Our most luxurious package comes with 10 drummers, but what our clients want, we provide! It was a grand entrance!”

Can you tell us about the new drive-by experience?

“Well, given the circumstances with the pandemic, it had hit Michigan pretty badly. We couldn’t perform physically at weddings and other events due to the rules of social distancing, so we decided to come up with a fun idea that clients would still love. That’s when we came up with the drive-by! We would drive by homes and use the rules of social distancing to perform instead. So far we have performed and entertained for birthdays and graduates and our clients have been ever so happy!”

So what is included in Zaffa?

“We are famous for the “Zaffa,” which is the traditional dance of the bride and groom as they enter the reception after their wedding. Zaffet Joseph Entertainment makes weddings fun with their over-the-top traditions of music and dance. We include drummers, percussionists, DJs, keyboardists, saxophones and more. We offer different packages at different price rates and they all have unique features, such as violin cocktail hour with a dinner show, or a full band with a sound system.”

What are you proud of so far with your company?

“Our professional achievements as a company include performing with superstars in the music industry. These superstars include but are not limited to Hassam Al-Rassam, Kais Hisham, Majid Kakka, and Saif Nabeel. However, another professional achievement as a company is that we have been able to make so many people happy on their special days such as their birthdays, graduations and weddings.”

Do you have any future projects that we should look out for?

“Right now we do not, since we have just launched the drive-by. Since we are still in a pandemic, it’ll be hard for things to go back to normal such as performing at big events. But, we are looking hopeful for next year and we are positive that things will turn around so that we can perform to big crowds again. Being entertainers is in our blood and we have a strong passion for it, that we love to share with everyone.”

What is a mission that you stand by as a company?

“We feel strongly about spreading happiness and joy. We do not believe in judgement and respect each individual for who they are. We hope to see a world where people are not judged by what they look like but for the wonderful people they are on the inside. At Zaffet Joseph Entertainment, we want to make each person happy and have them share that joy with everyone.”

What advice can you give to a bride or groom who wants Zaffa at their wedding?

“When it comes to choosing a package with us, you need to consider the location you’d want to host your wedding at, plus the amount of guests there will be. Our packages can also compliment the theme of the wedding, depending on what you choose to go for.”

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