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The Long-Awaited Season of CBS Summer Staple ‘Big Brother’ Has Begun!

Who Do You Think Will Win?

Let’s face it…no summer television season is complete without CBS reality competition “Big Brother,” which normally would have begun in July had there not been a global pandemic. The network has carefully tested the 16 participating houseguests in this current “All-Star” edition to make sure they did not have coronavirus (two of the planned participants – former winners Josh Martinez and Kaycee Clark — reportedly tested positive). And the goal, as in every season of “Big Brother,” is for each houseguest to scheme and maneuver hard enough to remain the last occupant in the never boring household.

Unlike a typical season of “Big Brother,” when the cast of the new season is revealed well in advance of the season-opener, this summer the official cast of contestants were not confirmed until the actual live first telecast on August 5th. The potential castmates had been quarantined for two weeks leading up to the premiere, according to host Julie Chen Moonves, as extra precautions on “Big Brother” were taken due to the pandemic.

What this means is we will see now “Big Brother” until early November (which will occupy three of the network’s weekly hours in this time of a massive production shutdown).

Also atypical this season is the absence of a studio audience for the live eviction show. Chen will be present, of course, to interview the evicted houseguest each Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. But the cheers — or jeers — from the fans hungry to experience the excitement of seeing their favorite – or not so favorite – individuals squander their chance for the $500,000 grand prize in person will have to be an at home experience only.

Naturally, the appeal of “Big Brother” stems from the excitement of seeing all the twists and turns each week.

Like any online casinos, particularly where the online gaming operators offer a no deposit casino bonus cashable, the fun behind “Big Brother” falls within handicapping who you think will go the distance. It’s a role of the dice, so to speak!

So, who do you think will win?

The houseguests:

  1. Christmas Abbott: Previous season 19 (3rd place)
  2. David Alexander: season 22 (16th place)
  3. Nicole Anthony: season 21 (3rd place)
  4. Cody Calafiore: season 16 (runner-up)
  5. Kevin Campbell: season 11 (3rd place)
  6. Tyler Crispen: season 20 (runner-up)
  7. Bayleigh Dayton: season 20 (11th place)
  8. Danielle Donato Briones: season 8 (runner-up); season 13 (8th place)
  9. Nicole Franzel: season 16 (7th place); season 18 (winner)
  10. Memphis Garrett: season 10 (runner-up)
  11. Enzo Palumbo: season 12 (3rd place)
  12. Janelle Pierzina: season 6 (3rd place); season 7 (3rd place); season 14 (12th place)
  13. Kaysar Ridha: season 6 (10th place); season 7 (10th place)
  14. Da’Vonna Rogers: season 17 (16th place); season 18 (11th place)
  15. Keesha Smith: season 10 (4th place)
  16. Ian Terry: season 14 (winner)

Given the potpourri of participants on this season’s “Big Brother” (ranging from two former winners and four former runner-ups to the first person evicted last summer, it is anyone’s guess.

Will the proverbial backstabbers and villains rule?
Will the heroes or underdogs take control of the house?

Like any casino, the bets are on!