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History of Slot Machine Symbols

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With every year that advances on the online slots you play game today, the symbols used on slot machines both in the casino and as part of the online slot games change as well. They do this to keep the interest of the players and to move with the times so as not to be left in the past. But you will notice that many of the popular symbols have not changed at all with some of the most common symbols, such as the Bell, number 7, and fruit symbols having been used on the original slots and still used to this very day. But what is the history behind them?

The Liberty Bell Slot

The first ever mechanical slot machine was created by Charles Fey and it was called the Liberty Bell. There were five different symbols used across this three reel slot and every single one of them is still used today. But the most popular and the most interestingly historical is that of the Bell. It was used to portray the name of this slot so that players remembered exactly what game they were playing as they were playing it because they could physically see the Bell throughout their gameplay. Other symbols used on Fey’s classic slot game included the card suits and a pair of horseshoes because they were believed then to be lucky and many people still believe this now.

Seven Slots

The number seven has been associated with being lucky for the entire duration of slots gaming and this did not change when slots online appeared either. Actually, when online slots arrived in our lives, the lucky number 7 became even more popular and appeared on even more slot games than ever before. There does not seem to be any particular reason as to why but there is an association with lots of significant financial wins and the number seven over the years. So, when gaming went virtual, lots of the traditional symbols such as the horseshoes were replaced by the seven as the modern favorite of slots players. But which of these symbols is luckier, we shall probably never know!

Fruity Fortune

The different fruits that we are used to seeing on slots games online and in a casino online are there for a reason many people are unaware of. Traditionally, the prize of winning was not provided in a cash format but was actually given in a sweet form. The fruit that aligned on your reels showed the winner what flavor of sweet prize they were going to be rewarded with and though the winning method has changed greatly over the years, we have been sentimental and kept the symbols. The sweets or sometimes bubblegum providing vending machines were hugely popular in many weird and wonderful locations in the UK and America, with players entering money and spinning the reels purely for a fruity return. Modern-day players would be unlikely to think a much of winning sweets or bubblegum now, but the history behind the fruit symbols on your reels is a nice one.