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Hoda Kotb Named Permanent Anchor of NBC’s ‘Today’

Kotb Was a Seamless Fit After Matt Lauer Was Abruptly Fired

Hoda Kotb, who has filled in on NBC’s “Today” show since Matt Lauer was fired in November, is now officially replacing him in the 7 a.m. ET hour. Kotb and Savannah Githrie broke the news on-air this morning.

”We’re very fortunate to have someone like Hoda who brings immense talent and tremendous positive energy, and then on top of that happens to have wonderful chemistry with Savannah,”
said NBC News Group chairman Andy Lack in a statement. “It makes this a decision that everyone can embrace and feel terrific about.”

Added Guthrie: “It was such a shock to wake up one day and not have Matt, but it was the most natural and comforting thing in the world to have Hoda right there. No one wanted that to stop.”

Just before the holidays, NBC execs offered the job to Kotb, who will continue hosting the show’s 10 o’clock hour alongside Kathie Lee Gifford for the time being.