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How Do I Make a Chat Platform?

The world is currently moving on trendy wheels in regards to the internet. Communications have become comfortable, whether it is on a personal or a corporate level. The number of platforms to send messages, video calls, or make regular phone calls has drastically increased in the last couple of years.

If you make an observation, you will notice that people are now into chatting rather than making calls. The demand has led to the invention of numerous chat applications. Some of the common ones like WhatsApp has over a million users spread across the globe. However, to prevent a monopoly in the industry, the market is open for other people to develop personalized chat apps with far many unique features. Before you venture into this journey, it is imperative to understand the essential elements that every chat app should have.

Choosing SDK

Whether you are building a chat app for Android or iOS platforms, choosing a right SDK will solve your major problem. There are various chat SDKs available online to build a chat app; for instance, CometChat Pro SDKs support various programming languages, which will give you a full-featured chat experience. With SDK, you need to install it, connect securely, and build the experience.

Group Chats

Such chats allow for more than the regular two users to engage in discussions to have communication. If friends or workmates would love to have one meeting, they can use it. It is useful for social and also virtual business meetings.

Options For Sharing Data

In this case, the data includes messages and documents in any format, photo, and videos. Every user will want to do more rather than just typing every day and using standard emojis. They can send videos to express themselves more or, in other cases, for sharing critical information. The provision makes communication more compelling, and everyone would want to be part of it.

Sending Locations

Advancements in technology have made everything simple, and this includes even sending locations. Rather than giving verbal directions only for the people to get lost, a competitive app should have this option. The site can be anywhere, a church, store, company, or a social place where they want to meet up. It is precise and prevents the inconveniencing of both parties.

Status And Profile Updating

When a user logs into a chat app, it should give them an option to create a profile. It means they can input their name, picture, and additionally a status. It shouldn’t be a onetime affair but rather an option to update as much as possible. The information should be open for other users to see.

Instant Push Notifications

The best chat apps should be user friendly. When someone receives a message, it should display it in the form of push notifications. This way, the user can read it without necessarily having to open the application. It could sound like a short cut, but the results are contrary. The approach encourages users to frequent the app.

Allow For Social Media Logins

Although you are starting up a new chat application, it is good to acknowledge the existing social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Such avenues have millions of users that can become part of your following. Allowing your users to log into your app through these pages makes it easy for them to manage their communication systems. Ensure you set a registration feature that allows for relevant data to select the apps you deem fit.

End To End Chat Encryption

It is a privacy feature that assures your users of safety whenever they use chat applications. It keeps away third parties from accessing confidential information. In the case of sharing, the authority has to come from the involved parties.

Management Of Presence

While a good chat app should have massive traffic, it would be a privilege for them to identify who is online or not. It makes it even easier to communicate. The settings should also show how long it has been since someone logged out. Additionally, when you send them a message, it has to notify you whether the news has been read or delivered.


Chat applications are public platforms, but if users develop an interest in other users, they can add them to their favorite lists.

Once you have all these features in your checklist, you can proceed with your chat app’s registration. Considering that you already have a suitable name for your messaging app, enter it in the platform you will be uploading. The title should be attractive with an appealing meaning. It should be genuine and not copied from other media.

Secondly, key in all the features as mentioned above in their corrective places and forms. Ensure they are simple to give your clients an easy time. Lastly, upload your chat app to the app store. Users will find and install it on their phones or any other gadgets. Competitive chat apps are accessible and have a clear direction. You should be able to figure the meaning of every icon and how to go about it. If you adhere to the above guidelines, the process will be straightforward. The app will attract a large number of users within a short period.