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Best Conferences Every Businessman Should Visit at Least Once in Their Life

The business world seems to be all about a variety of semi-social gatherings. With countless events and meet-ups all throughout the year, entrepreneurs and managers from every industry have a chance to exchange information and experiences related to their fields.

There is a finite amount of days in a year, and you’ve got to devote at least some of them to run your business! This leaves most people with a very limited window of spare time to attend an event or two. Regardless of whether you’re a poker head looking to attend the best gambling conferences in 2020 in Las Vegas, or you’re more interested in the latest technological innovations, check out the article below to find out which event is most worthy of your time.

Startup Grind

This is an annual conference that takes place in California that has grown to include many chapters all over the world. Much like a real startup, the conference has grown from a single event to a sprawling network covering over 150 cities across the globe. It’s the perfect opportunity to present your business to a broader audience, meet fellow entrepreneurs who, like you, are working hard on growing and expanding their fledgling startup.

Their flagship global conference takes place in Silicon Valley (where else?), and it’s a two-day event. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 edition is going to be a virtual experience.

Global Gaming Expo

Although it may have nothing to do with the latest trends concerning your particular area of expertise, the Global Gaming Expo in Vegas is a place to be for any aspiring (or established) businessman. The G2E lures investors, gambling enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs from all over the world with the premise of three days spent on uncovering prototypes of new slot machines, listening to casino moguls sharing their experience, and much more.

Your company may not be in the gaming industry, but neither are the employers of most of G2E’s attendees! It is one of the best networking opportunities of its kind. Industry titans and small business owners alike flock to that conference to meet their peers, and, most importantly, they have an excuse to gamble away for a couple of days.


Organized by Coindesk, Consensus is a conference with a relatively short history, but its subject matter has managed to amass a cult-like following in the last couple of years. Consensus is all about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, which makes it one of those events that you simply cannot miss if you want to stay up to date with one of the most important technologies of the 21st century.

It takes place every year in New York City, but if you find that to be too long of a trip, you can also check out Consensus’s partner conference, the DAXPO, which is organized in Busan, South Korea.

Social Media Marketing World

San Diego is home to many tech-related conferences, but the Social Media Marketing World is definitely the most inviting and understandable one for people who don’t have much experience in technology. It is particularly useful if your business is having a hard time coming up with an effective social media marketing strategy.

You’ll have the chance to network with the biggest names in this business and take advice from some of the field’s most esteemed experts.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re based in Los Angeles, London or Beijing, there are plenty of conferences and similar events organized in your vicinity. All you have to do is take up an interest in your local business and startup scene. You should also keep in mind that this year is the perfect time to attend some of the events from this list – due to the coronavirus restrictions, most of them will be organized virtually, making them much more accessible to audiences all around the world.

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