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Japan in 2020 – 3 Things Booming During COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has left Japan in a partial lockdown which is causing online services to boom. We look at the three services that have done the best during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Natural disasters are something the world has learned to live with and push through, but few have been as extreme and psychologically demanding as the Covid-19 pandemic that started in early 2020. The pandemic has taken a massive toll in human lives and left much of the world’s population in complete or partial isolation, leading to many changing trends in terms of businesses that are thriving (like Curage Paris).

Looking at the global economic picture in 2020, we can clearly see that online businesses have been thriving at the expense of those oriented to providing service in the real world. For the most part, catering and entertainment providers have been significantly crippled by the situation, while online entertainment has been growing due to people needing more pastimes while at home.

In Japan, the anti-coronavirus measures are not too strict, but much of the population is somewhat scared of picking up the virus, which has significantly reduced the amount of time that individuals spend outside. With this in mind, we take a look at some of the businesses that are booming during the pandemic and what it is that makes them so successful during these difficult times.

Online casino sites

The online casino industry has been booming in Japan for quite some time, with both social and real money casino sites gaining in player numbers and revenue over the years. The pandemic has certainly helped these sites as people sitting at home means more time spent online and more need for pastimes that can be enjoyed from one’s home.

While there are many popular casinos out there, 888casino is actually famous in Japan as reported in this post. The site has been present in the country for over a decade and it offers one of the most comprehensive online gambling experiences, making it ideal for both casual and high stakes players.

The best thing about online casinos is that the best ones allow players to play games without risking any money at all. This means an opportunity to play the best slot games from leading developers like KONAMI without any risk at all and is another reason that casino sites have been exploding in recent months.

Music streaming apps

Another type of internet service that has been extremely popular in Japan even before the pandemic and has only grown during it is the music streaming apps. According to recent statistical analysis, Amazon Music and Spotify have been the two streaming services with the highest traffic in 2020 in Japan, which is not surprising considering the global popularity of both services.

Music streaming has taken over for music downloads in a big way as streaming services allow for instant play of any music and don’t require any storage space to be wasted. With fantastic mobile internet options throughout Japan and very affordable prices, these apps have been able to accumulate millions of users in the country in a short period of time.

Japanese TV live

TV viewership has been declining significantly in recent years with the rise of various online services that tend to replace watching TV quite effectively, especially with younger viewers. However, this does not mean that TV in Japan is dead altogether and mobile apps that allow for live television streaming have picked up serious popularity during the months of the pandemic lockdown.

Mobile streaming apps for live TV allow viewers to watch hundreds of TV channels from all parts of Japan on their mobile phone in real time. This means full access to all programs one could possibly want and no need for any downloads at all as all the program is streamed in real time over the internet.

Internet services on the rise

Apart from the few services we have already mentioned, other online services are also booming all around Japan. With people having less access to real world entertainment and services and many scared to leave their house without a good reason, online services of all sorts are and will likely continue to get amazing numbers in the coming months.

This includes all sorts of online streaming services such as NETFLIX or live streaming platforms like Twitch as well as online video games whose numbers have been significantly rising since the pandemic lockdown was initiated. On the other hand, live service providers such as restaurants, bars and entertainment parlors have all been losing significant revenue, which is why most of the country is hoping for a quick resolution to the pandemic and a return to balance between the virtual and real world services.