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How Do Online Streaming Platforms Make Money: An Analysis By Experts

Online streaming platforms make a lot of money by promoting businesses, goods, movies, and other platforms on their popular videos. They also earn money by promoting highlighted content and through affiliate marketing.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ are media corporations that allow customers to purchase movie and television entertainment services.

Even though these firms have subsequently shifted to a subscription-based strategy that allows users to view streaming television and movies online, Netflix still provides its original DVD service.

Netflix has functioned as a single business sector from the fourth quarter of 2019, no longer reporting across domestic streaming, international streaming, and domestic DVD segment.

Recently, rivalry in the streaming media industry has been strong, with competitors such as The Walt Disney Company, Amazon, and Apple developing services to compete with Netflix.

Why Are the Online Streaming Services So Popular?

The online streaming platforms make more money than torrenting sites such as the pirate bay. If you want to know more about the pirate bay, click on this website. However, these online services make more money because they are more popular.

Let’s find out why:

1: Vast Collection

First, they made an effort to incorporate as many different types of programs as possible.

There were fictitious shows, non-fictional shows, and documentaries in the show lineup, and they were gathered worldwide.

A wide range of genres and sorts of shows are created and regularly published on these sites. As a result, subscribers are more likely to make paid accounts on these sites.

Secondly, they created original shows and distributed them globally. Finally, the most excellent aspect is that it is simple to watch for even the most sluggish viewers.

2: User-Friendly

The learning curve is as straight as it can be. For example, contrasting colors are used in the User Interface (UI).

In addition, the main page has a section with recommendations based on the genres chosen by subscribers. As a result, it is user-friendly and nearly faultless.

Netflix, Prime, Disney offer an even simpler user interface.

Customers that use this video streaming software find it simple to use. Their color palette in their branding is likewise aesthetically appealing.

3: Smart Downloading

Storage space management is a time-consuming operation.

These programs take up a lot of space on any Android, iOS, or Windows device. The next thing we know, our phones and computers are dead.

Netflix devised a clever solution. They remove TV shows, movies, and series off the list as soon as you complete watching the entire video.

Even other online streaming sites have also followed the same path, and they don’t take up much space on our phones anymore.

How Do They Make Money?

To summarize their income structure, below is a summary of the expenses they incur in creating and maintaining the platform:

  • Establishments that purchase rights ( TV shows and movies).
  • The cost of making TV shows/movies.
  • Price of subscription maintenance.
  • Cost of shipping (mails and DVDs).
  • R&D, Artificial Intelligence, and tailored suggestions all come at a cost.
  • High-tech infrastructure for content delivery (data centers).
  • Employee wages.

If you are clear on their business expenses, it’s time you take a look at the primary ways of their revenue generation. They follow mainly three strategies such as:

1: Subscription-Based Revenue Model

The subscription-based approach generated the highest profit percentage, which is apart from the whole collection of TV series and movies that they make.

Only Netflix has 203.66 million users, which is nearly eight times the number they had in 2011.

Netflix will have 80% of the most-watched original shows in the United States in 2020.

A Netflix subscription costs $10.82 per month on average. However, due to the constant growth in demand, the subscription rate has been steadily growing since 2016.

2: Advantageous Partnerships

Every firm, large or small, should understand the company’s keen business methods.

They began forging relationships and alliances with movie producers, big-name Hollywood authors, filmmakers, and even animators.

Thus, they inked legal agreements to directly release movies, series, and other content on Netflix.

To build greater public appeal, they have recently begun to target the local entertainment industry by contacting YouTubers, social media influencers, and stand-up comedians.

3: Technology Architecture

They kept their software up to date. Similarly, they transitioned from a monolithic technological architecture to a microservices one.

As a result, Netflix was among the first firms to transition from conventional to contemporary cloud-based microservices.

It took the corporation two years to complete.

As a result, Netflix Inc. now has an Open Source Software Center.


There you go. We have talked about all the possible ways online streaming platforms make money.

We have talked about mostly Netflix here because that is the most popular streaming site worldwide.

However, other online streaming platforms earn money in a similar vein.

Therefore, if you want to know more about them, ping us in the comment box below.