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Tech Trends to Follow in 2022

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More than 5 billion people use the Internet in their daily life. They are browsing, scrolling, searching, reading, learning, and having fun there. It has become a part of our nowadays reality. 

Due to that fact, there is nothing strange that modern trends are touching this sphere of our lives as well. The new interesting options appear every day. All developers should be familiar with these tendentious to stay trend-savvy. Knowing the last tech trends will help businesses to adopt the most suitable of them for increasing the revenue and keeping the position of the top-notch company.

In this article, we will walk you through the list of the hottest tech development trends to elevate your business value in 2022.

World against data vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity is both a problem and a 2022 trend. The practice of protecting personal information on the Internet is relevant regardless of the stage of technology development. In October 2020, the attackers hacked Software AG, the second-largest software provider in Germany. It is proving that everything is vulnerable. The hackers demanded a ransom of $20 million for the information obtained. Google Authentication and Security Centers (SOC) help combat malicious users.

Al Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence will not give up in 2022. Machine learning, natural language processing, information retrieval methods will better meet the needs. The biggest advantage of the Al Chatbot is high-quality customer service. These programs collect information about the audience and aim at solving their problems. The most important feedback about the work of chatbots: “For customers, there is an unobstructed way to work with the company.” Facebook Messenger is already serving customers with Al chatbots.

Progressive Web Programs (PWAs)

According to research, 54% of the world’s Internet traffic has been used by mobile phones. The use of web pages in the form of applications is facilitated and should so be added to the CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Angular. The trend isn’t new, but it will become even more relevant in the upcoming years. This makes websites run faster and offline, e.g. Google Maps. Starbucks, Uber, Twitter, and Pinterest already use PWA systems.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is an open-source HTML framework that helps to increase web site’s load speed on mobile browsers. It provides a better user experience on mobile devices during interaction with the websites or landing pages. Creating the AMP version requires using the AMP HTML format and AMP JavaScript. They continue to be used by 33% of mobile websites and in 2022 the number is expected to increase.

Fewer letters – more voice

Everything that makes life easier and faster for us is popular. We are currently experiencing the beginning of the voice search era. Rand View Research predicts the rapid development of such systems in 2022, and Google Home is an example. Speech recognition technology is widely used in the healthcare industry as well. The era of digital search began in 2011, and now people can’t imagine a routine without Siri or Google Assistant.

Architecture without a server

Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are pioneers in the market for these features. In 2021, there were changes in the architecture of websites and new ways of development, all to reduce reboots, save time on development. Cloud technology is at the core of server architecture and allows you to run without administration.

Motion UI conquers the world

The interface framework allows you to create interactive and adaptable websites and mobile applications. Predefined movements in the program settings are one of the main features of Motion UI. SaaS library technology has made it relevant and trendy for 2022. An interactive experience is important to capture attention, consequently, you will improve the ranking of your website. Experts advise focusing on modular scrolling, background animations, animated charts, transitions from page titles.

Let’s move on to the dark side

Dark mode standardization affects the client’s consciousness. Users understand that their comfort is taken care of and they can choose between a dark or light shade of the profile. This has become commonplace for Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram, but in 2022 the idea will be adopted by other supplication:

  • gives cheap energy depletion and extends the life of screens, more OLED;
  • distinguishes itself, a unique product, from others available on the market;
  • the content of the page is better perceived at night and the eyes rest from the dark theme;
  • adds emphasis to colors with contrast;
  • the content is perceived more fully when sight is not distracting.

We influence human speech

Natural language processing (NLP) is artificial intelligence for the interaction between computers and human languages. For example, Amazon Alexa understands what you say and reacts – gives the answer that you need. Chatbots could be of almost no value if they replied with standard or prearranged phrases. If chats could not process natural language, they would not distinguish between “Hello” or “Goodbye”. NLP allows bots to understand the context of a user’s words.

In 2022, technology will evolve to such a level to overcome language barriers as much as feasible.

Availability of clip for confirmation

Video is still at the top of everything. This includes both small and full-screen kinds. Of course, no one is going to reinvent the wheel, this principle has been used before as a background resource. For brands like Apple, this is a good sign. That is, adding a clip from YouTube is not enough, you should add “smart videos” (with icons, logos, symbols). It works well, from a marketing standpoint, to make vanishing clips or 360-degree shots. Learn how to present new products to the film industry and promote games, as well as sports and political activities.

Everyone is listening about WebAssembly

The complexity of the content of any program affects the speed of its work. Most often, applications are developed using JavaScript. Users do not wait for the program to respond but move to another, much faster page. Thus, developers use a Web Assembly to write a program in any programming language. Tech specialists pin the code to the bytecode and run using a browser. Web Assembly gives high speed and user convenience. 

We vote for non-standard

Scrolling is ideal for the standard use of a computer mouse. Scroll options:

  • horizontally (provides comfortable viewing of information on computers or tablets);
  • in all planes (comfortable interaction with any gadget).

Side-scrolling is great for store catalogs, portfolios, sites containing maps, and online galleries. It will emphasize animation effects and make web resources convenient. It works great with both a computer mouse and a touch screen.

To sum up 

To keep abreast of all tech trends for 2022, we are always happy to follow the world’s leading companies. The “parallax effect” is still considered to be a cool design decision, although this will not surprise anyone. The best thing you can do is enjoy popular trends and add zest. Take your unique feature into the trend. Don’t do everything from a purely technical point of view – add soul.