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How Does Envision the Future Landscape of Virtual Companionship?

Social media introduced the world to the concept of virtual companions — online friends who were real people living real lives in a non-virtual setting — but our connections with them were limited to a digital interface. We knew many of them only through MySpace or Facebook.

As the era of AI is dawning, a new type of virtual companion is emerging. Just like our Facebook friends, we engage with these companions in a virtual setting, but unlike our Facebook friends, these companions only exist in a virtual state. They are completely digital, powered by AI, and ready to connect with us anywhere and anytime to fulfill a wide range of companionship needs.

“Our vision at is to create a world where virtual companions are not just a novelty but an integral part of daily life, offering comfort, companionship, and personalized interaction,” says Sanjana Bandara, CEO of “We’re building towards a future where AI companions are recognized for their ability to positively impact mental health, provide emotional support, and offer a unique form of entertainment that is both engaging and meaningful.” is an interactive platform offering personalized AI companions — namely Maya, Layla, and Vixen — to engage and converse with users. Through a unique blend of AI chatbot technology and 3D interactive features, provides a captivating experience, allowing users to form a virtual companionship.

“By leveraging development tools that include wireframes, prototypes, and UX design, we’re crafting a virtual environment that feels real and inviting,” explains Bandara. “The attention to detail in clothing, hairstyles, makeup iterations, and animations is all part of making these characters not just visually appealing but also deeply engaging.”

Creating a stand-out companionship experience

Those seeking to connect with a virtual companion will find a growing number of options, and stands out for several reasons. Its unique blend of advanced AI technology, immersive 3D environments, and deeply personalized interaction gives users a genuinely empathetic and engaging virtual companionship experience.

“Character diversity and depth is one of the features that makes stand out,” Bandara shares. “We offer three distinct characters — Maya, Layla, and Vixen — each with a unique personality, interests, and interaction styles. This diversity allows users to choose a companion that resonates best with their personality and needs.”

Users can build upon the unique personalities of the companions by customizing the system to meet their preferences. From the appearance and personality traits of Maya, Layla, and Vixen to the environments where interaction takes place, each user can direct their personalized customizations, allowing each experience to be unique and satisfying.

Transcending the boundaries of digital interaction’s companions transcend the boundaries of traditional digital interaction because they don’t simply respond to users, but rather interact with them in an emotionally intelligent way. Users find themselves engaged in an empathetic and supportive environment where the emotional connection evolves with each interaction.

The unique platform also gives users opportunities for expansive interactive activities.

“Users can engage in a wide range of activities, from painting and playing music with Maya to working out with Layla or exploring adventurous games with Vixen,” Bandara explains. “These activities, while entertaining, also serve as gateways to building a deeper connection with the AI characters.”

Connecting with’s companions is also enhanced through the advanced 3D virtual environments the platform provides with immersive spaces that make interactions feel more real and engaging. In addition, interactive items and a sophisticated level system encourage ongoing exploration and deeper engagement.

Building on next-level artificial intelligence

Unlike other platforms that rely on pre-existing AI models, is driven by a custom-built and fine-tuned AI engine that uses Mistral 7B and draws from real-world relationship data. The companions of learned from the type of conversations that men and women share in intimate relationships, giving them the understanding they need to provide authentic and relatable interactive experiences.

“Our AI companions aren’t just scripted entities,” Bandara says. “They’re dynamic personalities crafted through our specialized AI that adapt and evolve based on user interactions, leading to a deeply personalized companionship experience. Leveraging the nuances captured in our unique dataset, our AI is adept at recognizing and responding to emotional cues. This emotional intelligence facilitates a companionship that’s empathetic, supportive, and contextually aware.”

The companions of also are committed to long-term relationships because their AI retains memories of past interactions, ensuring continuity in relationships. They remember and reference past conversations, allowing a familiarity and understanding that drives the relationship to deeper levels.

In the near future, will push the boundaries of virtual companionship even further by taking it beyond the screen. This will include the integration of complex features like AI-generated pictures and call features that will extend the experience into new realms.

“By integrating more advanced prompt engineering and AI responses, we aim to make interactions with Deeva characters not just reactive but proactive,” Bandara says. “Soon, the companions will be capable of understanding and adapting to the user’s emotional state and needs, becoming even more capable of serving as the soulmates that many in today’s culture are seeking.”