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How Furniture Has Evolved Over Time

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From vintage to retro to minimalistic, furniture aesthetics have come a long way. Home interior is a complex concept, constantly evolving and fitting the needs of each culture. Every culture has its idea of a perfect interior, differing dramatically from the other ideas around the world. 

Despite the differences, one similarity has prevailed and that is the evolution of furniture fashion. An asymmetrical mirror replaced a simple one because the googly outline was less rigid and softer on the existing interior design. Here are some of the most common furniture items in a house and how they’ve evolved:


The concept of sofas can be dated back to the time humans began building houses. However, the first sofas were more like modern-day chairs because they had no soft padding on them. Over time, the design developed to accommodate soft padding in an extravagant wooden frame. 

The frame was often craved with pretty designs and then polished before adding pillows on them for comfort. Slowly, the sofas evolved to almost entirely being cushions, with just a wooden frame supporting it on the inside. 

The colors began to lighten and sofas were acknowledged as the main part of the house’s main seating area which needed to be spacious. Light-colored sofas helped make the room look roomy which led to the development of minimalistic sofas. 


Believe it or not, the first pillows were made from wood. No padding, no softness, nothing, just wood. Mesopotamians designed stone pedestals to hold their head up while sleeping. The ancient Egyptians used U-shaped wooden pedestals to hold their head up while sleeping. Needless to say, this idea was scrapped pretty quickly because of the obvious discomfort. 

The first actual pillows were filled with straws and feathers and originated in Greece. While they were not as comfortable as modern-day pillows, they were much better compared to their ancestors. 

Over time, pillows began to be used outside the bed and for aesthetic purposes. Small-sized throw pillows are covered in funky pillow covers and used as decoration. 


Right after the communal toilets, when private toilets began to trend, in many countries of the world, there was no functioning running water system. To counter the problem of smell in the house, they would dump their waste into a bucket and throw it away far from the house. 

Those people would probably freak out if they saw modern-day toilets with bidets and fully-function flushes that result in a clean toilet. Japanese toilets are 10 steps ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to their toilet-building industry. Their toilets include things like smart flush, seat heating, changing the plastic toilet cover for each person, etc. 


There are only so many inventions you can make, the next best thing a human can do is to always recognize the potential of development in his invention. As a result of this, humans are blessed with such recreations of inventions that it’s almost impossible to recognize their first forms.