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Tips And Tricks To Live In A Small Space 

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Living in a small home can be super exciting, but it also comes with its crucial challenges. You have to do everything you can to make sure you are staying sane at your home. If you over crowd your place, it can make you feel exhausted. But there is a solution to every problem. From adding lots of mirrors to using white folding chairs and tables, here are some tips and tricks that can help you make your small space more airy and spacious. 

Adding Mirrors in Every Room 

A classic interior design trick for small spaces is to buy mirrors for every room. This will help make your space look larger by reflecting your decoration and scenery which makes it feel more spacious. Along with that, a light colour wall combines perfectly to make even a small room look like a huge lounge. Mirrors also provide depth in any room you want and are extremely useful too. You can hang a few things around your mirror too to fill up the remaining space. Instead of hanging art pieces in every room, try using mirrors instead. 

Foldable Furniture 

Small rooms can be a challenge to furnish, but with a little creativity, they can be turned into stylish and functional spaces. One of the best ways to make the most of a small room is to choose foldable furniture. White folding chairs, tables, desks and other stuff can help you solve your storage issues. This type of furniture can be easily stored away when not in use, freeing up valuable floor space for you. 

Foldable furniture is also an amazing choice for rooms that are used for multiple purposes at a time. For example, you can convert a bedroom into a dining room by using a foldable sofa that can also convert into a bed. This way you can convert it to whatever you want at that moment. Foldable furniture is worth considering at all costs. It is versatile, essential and most of all, is affordable too. Probably is the easiest trick you can use for your small residence. 

Using the right colors

Choosing the right colors is important when living in a small space. Lighter colors can make a small space feel more open and airy compared to darker colors can make a small space feel more cramped and closed off. Using a monochromatic color scheme can create a cohesive and calming atmosphere in a small space. White sofas are a great choice for living rooms as well as light colored drapes and blinds. Adding pops of bright colors can add interest and personality without overwhelming the space.

Using Roof Space 

For small homes, storing items vertically is the best option ever. Not only does it give you more space on the floor, but it also makes a room appear larger than it really is in real. Vertical space means getting your storage closets made to touch the roof. This way, not even an inch of place goes to waste. And you can store your unused and winter stuff at the top shelves. You will only have to take them out once in a while. So no hassle required in that part either. 


It can be difficult to live in apartments and small residences, but if you use some creativity, every moment can be worthwhile. A house is a place of comfort, whether big or small. It all depends on how you perceive it and try to use what you have been provided with!