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How Mobile-First Design Can Boost Your Sales Volume

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In 2010, Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, told web designers and companies that they should focus on mobile-first design more than desktop web design as people were starting to use more mobile phones than ever. Eleven years down the line, web designers now know how vital his prediction was because most people these days shop from their mobile phones. A few statistics about the shift from desktop to mobile phone show why Eric Schmidt was right in the first place.

  • There was a steep decline in the percentage of desktop web users that dipped from 100 to 48.7% between 2010 and 2020. On the other hand, the number of mobile phone users shot up from 0 to 51.3%. This difference indicates how users are now shifting from using the internet on their desktops and laptops to their mobile phones because of their accessibility. 
  • Another statistic shows that people spent approximately 3 hours on their phones every day in 2019-20. One of the reasons for the popularity of mobile phones is their affordability and pocket-friendly internet connection charges.
  • The affordability of mobile phones skyrocketed their sales as more people transitioned to using smartphones. Moreover, buying a phone is more affordable than buying a desktop or laptop.

What is mobile-first design?

As the name suggests, mobile-first design means a desktop website optimized for mobile phones and tablets. For example, suppose you are working with two websites, one with a mobile-first design and another not. The mobile-first website opens smoothly on your phone and looks incredible with pictures and texts. However, the one with a mobile-first design may look disproportionate on your mobile as the resolution and pixels are not optimized for smaller screens. 

According to digital marketers, the difference in experience affects a brand’s sales volume. In addition, potential customers would want to trust a brand that pays attention to how its website looks. Therefore, if you are working with a web design agency for the first time, you should inform the team that it should make a desktop version of the website and a mobile version. 

Why is mobile-first design crucial for your brand?

With mobile phones giving potential customers a chance to shop on the go, it’s easy to understand why mobile-first design is essential for your brand. It will impress potential customers and make them want to shop from your site using their phones. Here are a few reasons that make mobile-first design important for your company:

  • Better user-experience

People usually stick to buying from a website that’s easy to navigate and feels intuitive to use. However, your target audience may also feel the same thing about your website if they can operate it easily both from their desktops and mobile phones. 

  • Increased mobile conversions

As already mentioned, it’s more affordable to buy a mobile phone than a desktop or laptop. Imagine missing out on so many customers who don’t have a computer at home if you stick to using a desktop-only website. Therefore, a mobile-first design can increase sales, and thus, expand your business in the process.

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting a new business or developing a website for your existing company. Make sure to prioritize mobile-first design to cater to the needs of your mobile audience.