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Livebeam: What is Streaming?

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Livebeam platform is a streaming platform for meeting new people and making friends. But you may wonder what streaming is in general and how does it work. So let’s get deeper in detail and try to figure it out together.

In general, streaming is a process of delivery and playback of media content in real-time. The content can be preloaded on the server or recorded and broadcasted in real-time. Livebeam is a platform for live streaming, which means it is all about transmitting live events to the viewers. Let’s talk more about live streaming and whether it is good for communication or not.

What is live streaming, and how to do it on Livebeam?

A live stream is a broadcast of some event over the internet as it goes. You can see it used for different sports events, award shows, etc. Some people use online streaming to show their life or special events. For example, many video gamers use streaming to interact with people interested in this game as well.

Livebeam uses live streaming to connect people. As a Livebeam user, you can start your own stream and show your talents to the world – you can cook, play games, exercise, learn something new or tell stories and jokes to the viewers. 

Real-time communication with your audience is a base for any stream and a key to successful streams as well. Stay updated on the news and keep in touch with your viewers to keep a loyal audience and have plenty of ways to progress.

What to know before starting a live stream?

  • Make sure you have the necessary hardware for streaming (you will need a computer or phone with a camera and a microphone to start)
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Install the software you will need for streaming (this includes a streaming platform of your choice like Livebeam, and optionally – screen recorder or other)
  • Chose the idea for your stream – think if you want to stream your lifestyle or a specific topic like cooking, challenges, etc.
  • Decide what will be your setup for streams (for example, if you want to stream your cooking process, set up your hardware in the kitchen)

As you can see, live streaming can be a piece of cake if you start with doing some research and preparing the needed hardware, software, setup, etc. If you want to start streaming yourself or watching other streamers, consider registering on Livebeam. It’s free and safe, and it will take you just a few minutes to sign up for an account, then you can move on directly to filling up your profile.