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What is VRAM and How Does It Work?

A lot of individuals, most especially millennials, were born in a time where technology and digital space coexist with humanity. One evidence of that is the existence of a PC or personal computer. Have you ever wondered what makes and how these technological wonders actually work in our personal computers, like what makes them that amazingly useful and helpful in our daily lives? 

Well,  aside from the computer itself, that’s mainly because of the components every personal computer possesses. Today, this specific article will talk about one component that plays a very significant role, which is what we call the VRAM.

What is a VRAM?

What is VRAM? VRAM stands for Video Random Access Memory. Its primary goal and role is the storage of graphical data. This vital accessory facilitates the smooth and spontaneous flow and execution of the graphics and 3-dimensional polygon figures that you can see on the screen. The more VRAM a computer has, the more your PC is able to display good quality execution of graphics especially for those that have complicated and highly textured graphics. VRAM is particularly important to video gaming because this type of activity entails a lot of actions on the graphics being displayed on your PC screen. 

How does a VRAM work?

Now that you know what VRAM is, the next question is how does it actually work? What wonders or perhaps tricks does it make to display graphics as excellent as possible? 

VRAM acts as a buffer between the processor of the computer and the display. It starts with an image that is to be displayed. Every image to be displayed will be read individually by RAM which is non-video and eventually, they will be written and traversed into the VRAM. This step will be the initial recurring process and you will not notice the process because it happens in a split second. 

Once all the data is stored and written on the VRAM, it shall now be transported to HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface video port to an LED display. In this phase, the data shall be transported as a digital signal. This repeats throughout the course of the video display which means that as the VRAM is writing a new image, the one that you have seen on the display was also read from the VRAM then written into it again. As such, this refreshes the display that you see onscreen. 

Final Words

If you’re unfamiliar with the capacity of your VRAM and you just discovered its main use, you can check your VRAM usage through simple steps as well. By doing so, you’ll be able to evaluate, assess, and monitor the current status of your VRAM’s health and capability. To know more about VRAM, check other resources and keep yourself informed as VRAM is an essential tool that ensures your PC’s smooth graphic display.