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How Much Can You Save For Renting a Car for a Long Term in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a big place and that is one of the reasons the public transportation systems do not reach all the destinations. Hence, a tourist visiting the Emirates may need to board more than one, two or three public vehicles before he can arrive at his destination. Also, he will even use more public vehicles if he wishes to tour round all the eye catching attraction sites.

However, to eliminate these discomfort, car rentals exist to provide car rental services to residents and tourists in Dubai. We have so many car rental companies in Dubai, however, Rental Car UAE is highly recommended and stands out as the very best as they provide maximum comfort and are also reliable. Rent a Car Dubai offers affordable and cheap car rental service. It is always a hard decision for renters to choose between long term car rentals and short term car rental. Car Rentals Dubai recommends that clients who have needs for car usage that would span for up to a month or are uncertain of when they would be done with their business should use long term car rentals.

Long term car rentals are cost effective due to the fact that car rentals companies offer discounts and other special reward packages for individuals renting a car on a long term car rental deal. RentalCarUAE provides efficient, reliable and comfortable car rentals, far better than the public transportation systems. Also, Shift Car Rental has flexible terms and conditions for long term rentals which is also a great deal for long term renters and such flexibility is not allowed for short term rentals.

There is no fixed amount you can save for renting a car on a long term car rental, however some Car Rentals in Dubai recommends certain parameters that if followed accordingly by renters, would help them save a huge amount of money when renting a car on a long term Car rental. Therefore, the following parameters should be considered to enhance cost savings in Long Term Car Rentals:

Rent a Car Dubai embraces early car reservation and this gives the renter the freedom to rent a car of their choice three to six months prior to the time you want to use the car. Rental Car UAE offers early reservations at a flexible rate which allows you to change your choice of rented car within these three to six months, cancel bookings and rebook if necessary. Another great advantage of early car reservations is that rental companies offer discounts as much as 15% to 30%, and this helps you to save a good amount of money. Early Reservations can also offer renters the opportunity to enjoy special offers and bonuses which would result in huge savings.

AVOID AIRPORT CAR RENTALS: Long Term Car Rentals done at the airport are not advisable as their charges are always extremely high and they are also likely to include too many miscellaneous in their charges. It is advisable for you to avoid long term car rentals as companies like Rental Car UAE own a better platform where you can rent a car at an affordable rate.

AVOID RENTING CAR ACCESSORIES: Car Rentals Dubai recommends that you get your long term car rentals services from a trusted car rental company where all the accessories of the cars would be provided alongside the car you will rent with no extra charges. However, renting car accessories separately incurs extra cost and this will not help you in saving money rather it will make you spend more money.

EMPLOY YOUR PERSONAL INSURANCE COMPANY: Car Rental companies in the UAE collects insurance charges from renters which are separated from the normal car charges thereby making it an extra cost. While these charges are relatively low at companies like Rental Car UAE, it is not low for long term rentals in some companies across UAE. The insurance charges cover for accidents, collisions, damages, theft etc. However, it is advisable to employ your personal insurance company when going for long term car rentals as this would help you reduce cost of charges and increase personal savings.

AVOID CAR UPGRADES: You must avoid car upgrades for long term rentals if you want to save cost as upgrades lead to extra cost which would make you spend more. However, some car rental companies in Dubai offer relatively low charges for upgrades but this would still affect your level of savings. Hence, avoid upgrades when renting a car on a long term car rental.

In conclusion, long term car rentals are highly recommended as the best choice for you, if you are going to stay in Dubai for a long period of time, it would help you save a lot of money. Moreover, you would not love to miss the special offers that accompany long term rentals. Rent a Car Dubai is always ready to offer assistance to you when it comes to car rentals.