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How Much Do Cleaning Services in the Home Cost?

One-time house cleaning often costs between €125 and €225. One-bedroom apartments range in price from €61 to €91, while two-bedroom homes cost between €95 and €131. Cleaning a 2,111 square foot home normally costs between €135 and €181, whereas a 3,111 square foot property costs between €181 and €391. Find nearby home cleaning services and request free estimates.

Costs for cleaning a house

Cleaning services for homes range in price from €25 to €51 per hour, or roughly €31 to €51 per room. A 2,111 sq. ft. property, or roughly $1.17 to $1.11 per square foot, has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and cleaning costs between €141 and €191. A one-bedroom, one-bath apartment costs between €61 and €91.

The type of cleaning and the size of the residence affect cleaning costs. Your final bill will increase if you request additional services like laundry washing and folding, window cleaning, or fridge cleaning. Setting up a weekly or monthly cleaning contract can get you discounts and package packages from several house cleaning services. Our pricing guide for house cleaning includes all the necessary information to enable you to make an informed choice.

cost of cleaning a house

  • 121 euros is the national average cost.
  • The absolute minimum is €61.
  • The top price is €351.
  • 91 to 185 euros on average

The cost calculator for house cleaning

The cleaning service will conduct a walkthrough of your property prior to cleaning it so they can estimate how much they will charge you. Cleaning fees might be flat, per square foot, or hourly. They can evaluate how clean your house already is, how much work needs to be done, and any structural or clutter problems that might make it difficult for them to clean during the walkthrough.

Just to note, before contacting any company it’s vital that you’re aware of who needs to visit for the job. For instance, if there has been an accident in the home that contains biofluids, you will have to make sure that the company offers services such as blood cleanup services. This is a must as many companies aren’t trained or qualified for these types of clean-ups.


  • Deep Cleaning (€91) Standard Studio Cleaning (€61) Move-Out Cleaning (111 euros)
  • 1 bed, 1 bathroom. Deep CleaningCleaning Services (€111-€121) Cleaning Standard (€61-€91) Cleaning Standard (€91-€111)
  • One bath and two bedrooms. Deep CleaningCleaning Services (€121-€181) Cleaning Standard (€91-€121) (€121-€175)
  • Deep CleaningCleaning Services (€135-€211) Standard Cleaning (2 beds, 2 baths) (€95–131)
  • Cleaning Standard (€111-€165)(€151-€251) Deep Cleaning (€175-€261) 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
  • Deep CleaningCleaning Services (€181-€311) Standard Cleaning (3 beds, 2 baths) (€135-€181) (€181-€281)
  • Deep Cleaning Services (€211-€391) Cleaning Standard (€141-€211) (€211-€411)
  • Additional Rooms Deep Cleaning (35 euros) (35 euros) Move-Out Cleaning Cleaning Basics (11-31 euros)

Mopping, dusting, vacuuming, removing trash, cleaning sinks, faucets, mirrors, appliances, toilets, making the bed, and general cleaning of the entire house are all part of standard cleaning.

Add-Ons for Cleaning Services

Extra cleaning services will be charged. Here is a list of available services together with their typical costs:


  • Sheet replacement costs €11 each bed.
  • €5 to €21 for laundry and dry cleaning per load
  • Per window, interior window cleaning rates range from €4 to €7.
  • Each exterior window costs between €5 and €8 to be cleaned.
  • Dusting Blinds for €21
  • Polished Wood Surfaces €31+
  • $25 to $45+ for cabinet interior cleaning
  • Cleaning a Fridge Costs $12 to €51
  • Costs for oven cleaning range from $15 to $35.
  • Baseboard Cleaning: €35+
  • Cabinet organization 51 euros

Housekeeping Costs Per Square Foot Ft.

Regular cleaning costs per square foot can be between €1.11 and €1.17, deep cleaning costs between €1.11 and €1.22, and move-out cleaning costs between €1.22 and €1.33. You will be paid more per square foot if your home is larger, more cluttered, or harder to keep clean.

The majority of cleaning professionals or businesses, however, do not bill by the square foot but rather by the hour, the number of personnel needed, and the quantity of bedrooms and bathrooms. The level of cleaning required and whether you want a one-time cleaning or a weekly cleaning service will also have an impact on the price.

Housekeeping Prices per Sq. Ft.

  • less than 1,111 square feet $75–171 for regular cleaning 111–221 for deep cleaning
  • Deep cleaning costs between £221 to £441 for ordinary cleaning.
  • 3,111 Regular Cleaning: €181–€391 Deep Cleaning: €251–€511

Hourly Rates for House Cleaning

The hourly pay for house cleaning ranges from €21 to €51 per worker, with most appointments lasting at least two hours and costing between €75 and €111 with one person. The majority of the time, the cost of a cleaning service depends on how many cleaners are required to come to your house.

You choose the amount of cleaning you want to have done. You could hire a cleaning staff to come to your house once, once only, or the same day you contact for a consultation. Your initial cleaning will take longer and cost more if you use a weekly cleaning service.

Expect the following costs for a house cleaning hourly fee

  • People (1), Hours (1), Weekly cost ($31–$51), Single Visit ($45–$51), Same-Day Service ($68)
  • (1) Person (1) Hour (2.5), Weekly Rate (75-91€), Single Visit (83-99€), and Same Day (135%
  • Individual Visit (€127-€149)(€213) Same Day Weekly Rate (€115-€135) People (1) Hours (4)
  • People (2) Hours (2) (Weekly Cost: €131–155) Single Visit: €151–171(Weekly Cost: €251) Same Day
  • People (2) Hours (4) Weekly (211-251) Single Visit (variable) Same Day (varies)

Costs of housekeeping per room

Others may charge by the number of guests in a room, while certain cleaning businesses may only charge by the number of rooms as a room-cleaning service, charging €31 to €51 per room (bed or bathroom). The business will have to do more cleaning as the space is used more frequently. Additionally, cleaning a master bedroom will take longer than cleaning a living room or bathroom. If all you want is the bathroom cleaned, the cost will be more than it is for other rooms.

Residential Cleaning Costs Per Room

  • Bathrooms: 1 Bedrooms: 1 Average Price: 75-111 Euros
  • (1) Bedrooms (2) BathroomsCost (on average) €111-€131
  • Bedrooms (2) Bathrooms Average Price (€111-€121) (1)
  • Bathrooms (2) Bedrooms (2) Cost, on average, (€135-€195)
  • Bedrooms (3) Bathrooms Average Price (131 to 181) (1)
  • (2) bathrooms and (3) bedrooms; typical price range: €141–€191
  • Bedrooms: 4 Average Price: €211–€225 Bathrooms: 4 (3)
  • Bedrooms (5) Bathrooms Average Price (€211+) (3)

Prices for apartment cleaning

Depending on how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are, the typical cost of apartment cleaning is between €75 and €135. For general cleaning, the price starts at €135 per hour for a larger 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom flat. An hour of deep cleaning might cost you €181. Apartments tend to be smaller than houses and can cost less to maintain.

List of prices for cleaning apartments

  • (2) bathrooms; (4) bedrooms; range: €141–€211
  • (2) baths, with prices ranging from $135 to $181.
  • Bedrooms (2) Bathrooms (2) ($95-$131)
  • (From 81 to 111 euros) (2) Bedrooms (1) Bathroom (1)
  • Bathrooms (1) Bedrooms (2) (From €91 to €121)
  • Cost (from €61 to €91) Bedrooms (1) Bathrooms (1)

Costs of moving out cleaning

For a 1,111 square foot home, the cost of move-in or move-out cleaning could range between €151 and €211. When selling your property or in order to receive your security deposit back, a move-out cleaning is necessary. Along with a thorough cleaning, move-out cleaning also includes services like polishing floors and cleaning out kitchen cupboards and appliances.


  • Average Price (€111) for Size of Home (Studio)
  • A typical home of this size costs €111.
  • Average Home Size Costs ($121–$181) (2 Bed, 1 Bath)
  • Average Home Size Costs ($135 to $211) (2 Bed, 2 Bath)
  • Average Cost of a Home of This Size (3 Beds, 1 Bath): €175 to €261
  • A 3 bed, 2 bath home’s average price ranges from €181 to €311.
  • Average Price of a 4 bed, 3 bath house (€211 – €391)
  • Average Home Size Cost (€35 apiece) (Additional Rooms)

The following additional services will increase the cost of move-out cleaning:

  • The price of carpet shampoo ranges from €75 to €211, or €1.18 per square foot.
  • $12 to $35 for fridge cleaning
  • Window prices range from €5 to €11 per side and €3 per screen.
  • Prices for floor waxing and polishing range from €25 to €51.
  • €15 to €51 for interior oven cleaning

Costs of Cleaning Services

The average hourly rate for two cleaners at a professional cleaning service, like EcoCleanSolutions, ranges from €75 to €111, or roughly €1.11 per square foot. A 2,111 square foot home would cost €211 to clean on each visit. Additionally, you pay for the ease of working with a trustworthy business and team.

The Price List for Cleaning Services


  • Starting hourly rate for cleaning (Merry Maids): €111
  • Starting Price Per Hour for a Cleaning Service (Molly Maids): €75
  • Hourly Charge for Cleaning (The Cleaning Authority): €75
  • EcoCleanSolutions’ starting hourly rate for cleaning services is €61.

Professional cleaners normally won’t haggle over individual costs and will likely stick to a predetermined list of fees for the services they provide. A company’s rates may go up depending on the structures and processes it uses to conduct business.

Cost of EcoCleanSolutions Cleaning Services in Dublin

With a two-hour minimum, EcoCleanSolutions normally charge €111 per hour for two cleaners. In certain EcoCleanSolutions franchise locations, you may get your first five weekly or biweekly cleanings for between €51 and €111 off. Nevertheless, EcoCleanSolutions includes some fine print that could significantly increase the cost.

The cleaning packages offered by Dublin’s EcoCleanSolutions include:

  • COUNT ON EcoCleanSolutions
  • Affordable Cleaning Package
  • Clean the family room, kitchen, master bathroom, and one other room. €111+
  • cleaners’ dream package for performers
  • Keep the living, dining, kitchen, and restroom facilities spotless for visitors. €141+

Service for cleaning

  • For different areas to be cleaned in different weeks, €141+
  • The Package: Clean for ShowCleaning everything will cost more than $175. The cleaning package known as Sparkle and Shine for a thorough cleaning of all doors, door frames, baseboards, and window sills that takes place only once. €345+

How to Calculate the Cost of Cleaning Your Home

The total cost of the cleaning service may rise due to a number of reasons. When evaluating house cleaning costs, the amount of rooms you have and the style of cleaning – deep, standard, or moving – will be the most important determinants. Usually, extra services outside of the normal cleaning are up for grabs. Cleaning the oven and refrigerator can increase the cost by over 111 euros. Various other elements that affect price include:

  • the length of time required to clean
  • The number of bedrooms, or the number of residents,
  • how many house cleaners there are
  • the kind of cleaning equipment
  • animals that shed
  • Additional tasks like washing clothes or cleaning the windows take more time.

House Cleaning Methods

There are numerous forms of cleaning for the home. Because you don’t live in your vacation home for several months out of the year, it might only need a light dusting. If you have kids or pets, you might choose to do a deep clean to get rid of any messes that are difficult to clean. Examine the many cleaning techniques to determine one is best for you:

  • Basic Cleaning: This is excellent for those who are full-time workers and might use a little assistance around the house.
  • Deep cleaning is a fantastic solution for dirt that has been packed in or trash from gatherings.
  • Decluttering and spring cleaning: If you’ve let your house to get out of hand and need extra help, a cleaning service can help you get your house in order. You can even organise your home office with the aid of a cleaning service.
  • Cleaning an empty home can help you sell it or ensure that renters get their security deposit back. The refrigerator, oven, all flooring, window sills, etc. are typically cleaned.

How to Prepare for a Housekeeper’s Hire

You may save money if you hired a housekeeper to come in for a few hours each day at the rate of €21 an hour as opposed to employing a maid or cleaning crew on a weekly basis. The housekeeper might also provide extra services like child care, schoolwork assistance, cooking, and laundry.

Ensure that they have a valid work permit and that everyone working in your home is covered by your insurance. If your housekeeper is wounded while working in your home, workers’ compensation insurance, which costs between €135 and €265 per year, should provide you with adequate coverage. In order to decide whether employing a housekeeper is right for you, you may also ask for a trial period.

How to Reduce the Cost of Cleaning

Here are four ways that hiring a house cleaning company might help you save money:

  • Cleaning packages: Inquire about discounts if you choose weekly or biweekly cleanings over one-time or monthly visits.
  • Discounts: Inquire about special offers for single mothers, veterans, people with impairments, etc.
  • To save $5 to $11 every visit, buy your own cleaning goods for them to use. This also offers you the option of having them use more natural products. The whole cost typically includes the cost of the materials the cleaning crew employs.
  • Maintenance: In between cleanings, don’t let your home get out of hand. It will be simpler to maintain your property throughout the month if you hire a house cleaner on a regular basis. You will be charged less the less labour the staff has to accomplish.
  • Only Clean a Few Rooms: You should only clean a few rooms to reduce costs while maintaining a clean home.
  • Choose Services: Be sure to specify at the outset whether you want additional services like laundry and window cleaning. You can prevent any additional fees when the bill is presented in this manner.

Employ a Cleaning Service or an Individual?

Always search online for any negative reviews before working with anyone, whether it be a person or a business. Another thing to keep in mind is that larger businesses could hurry from one client to another in an effort to accommodate as many as possible in a day. Unlike a personal housekeeper, they might not leave your house immaculate.

A cleaning crew can be hired for between €25 and €71 per hour. Most of the time, an individual charges between €15 and €25 per hour, which is less than a cleaning service.

Vs. Independent Cleaner

  • Comparison of cleaning company hourly rates (€75-€111 for 2 workers; minimum 2 hours) Independent cleaners (€21-€51 per worker per hour)
  • Cleaning Services (€135-€181) Cleaning Company (€151-€251) (Compare Average Cost)


  • Licensed
  • Bonded and insured
  • signed agreements
  • Minimum fees should be charged for last-minute modifications.
  • set costs


  • typically not licenced
  • usually not insured
  • No contracts or just the most basic.
  • Adjust your timetable with more latitude.
  • Costs are negotiable.

Do I give my housekeeper a tip?

If you want to, you should tip housekeepers between 11% and 15% of the total bill. After the cleaning is finished, give your house a once-over to determine whether the level of cleaning merits a tip.

Pricing for Extra Cleaning Services

The cost of the job will vary depending on how difficult the cleaning is. Because windows lack the nooks and crannies that wood furniture does, window washing is less expensive than wood polishing. Here is a schedule of events.

Carpet cleaning costs

Typical carpet cleaning costs range from €25 to €71 per room, or from €1.18 to €1.36 per square foot. For severe stains and carpet types like shag that are challenging to clean, the price may increase. Depending on the amount of dogs and traffic, carpets can require a deep clean once or twice a year due to the everyday accumulation of dirt, dust, dander, and allergies.

A chimney sweep’s price

On average, chimney sweeping costs between €125 and €251. If your chimney is in poor shape, be prepared to pay more. It will be more expensive overall as a result of creosote buildup and more difficult to clean than usual. Expect to pay more for it as well if your chimney has any dead or alive animals dwelling there.

Costs of pressure washing

Prices for power washing a home or siding range from €221 to €381 on average; a driveway costs between €131 and €221; and a deck or patio costs between €251 and €421. Any business that charges by the square foot typically charges between €1.16 and €1.22. Power washing is a great way to get rid of grime if it has built up on the exterior of your property.

Prices for Gutter Cleaning

The price to clean the gutters on a one-story, 1,511-square-foot property is from €71 to €211, and for a two-story, 2,511-square-foot home, it ranges from €111 to €251. The number of stories you have, huge shrubs or trees blocking some of the gutters, gutter screens, and severely blocked downspouts are all factors that could increase the cost. For a person who is untrained or elderly, gutter cleaning might be risky. If this relates to you, think about having a professional house cleaning agency clean your gutters.

Cost of Cleaning Air Ducts

Depending on whether you want a complete cleaning of the ducting, air duct cleaning expenses can range from €31 to €41 per duct or from €311 to €1,111+. Your home’s air quality will remain at its best if your air ducts are kept clean. Be extremely sceptical of anyone who offer to clean your home’s air ducts for less money. They can botch the job or charge you a tonne in unexpected costs at the end.

rates for office cleaning

The cost to clean an office is between €51 and €111 per hour, or between €1.14 and €1.16 per square foot. A 4,111-square-foot office might cost €1.19 to €1.16 per square foot, whereas a 31,111-square-foot office might cost €1.14 to €1.11 per square foot. Prices drop as square footage increases.

Commercial Cleaning Service Fees

Rates for commercial cleaning services range from €51 to €111 per hour or €1.14 to €1.16 per square foot. A smaller workplace might be paid between €511 and €711 per week, while a larger office might be charged between €2,111 and €4,111 per month. You’ll typically spend less per square foot as the amount of space that needs to be cleaned grows. It will cost more to provide specialised facilities, like a medical clinic, with extra services like floor stripping and waxing.

Rates for Post-Construction Cleaning

The average cost of post-construction cleaning is €551–€811, or roughly €1.11–€1.51 per square foot. Anyone who does not work in the construction industry may think a construction site is a complete disaster. A skilled post-construction cleaning company would, however, know precisely how to collect and get rid of the mess.

How to Find an Outstanding Cleaning Lady

Consider performing some or all of the following to get a superb cleaner, either a guy or a woman:

  • Interview potential hires.
  • Find out the cost per hour or square foot. In contrast to other quotations,
  • Inquire about your flexibility and availability.
  • Check the person’s history.
  • Verify the insurance, bonding, and licencing of a cleaning service.
  • Verify the experience level.
  • Clearly state your expectations.
  • Make a list of everything you want cleaned and how.
  • Give them a tour of your house so they may talk about any other cleaning requirements they observe.
  • When using your own cleaning supplies, inquire about discounts.
  • Ask if the company’s cleaning supplies are organic or safe for children and pets.
  • Keep any valuables or expensive electronics locked away.
  • Think about putting in locks with changing security codes.
  • Inquire about any return or purchase guarantees.

Give the trial term a few weeks to pass before deciding whether to keep your cleaner or to end the service because it will take some time for you and the cleaning lady to establish a rapport and reach a mutual understanding.

Do You Give Tips to Housekeepers?

Yes, it is customary to tip cleaning staff between 11% and 15% of the whole bill. It makes sense to give a bonus for their birthday and Christmas once you’ve established a rapport with them over time.