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How Much Is A Fifty Fathoms Timepiece And Does It Holds Its Value?

With more than 60 years of progress rate in the sales and positive feedback, Fifty Fathoms is still known as a legendary series of Diver Watches. Factors which make it standout include the dynamic styles, elegant look, robust case, and precise movements.

Before writing the technicalities and price range of this timepiece, let’s see how it came into existence and if it is worth buying.

The production of this series was done when the French marines ordered a timepiece that can withstand tremendous intensity of water waves and can survive the shocks. At that time, an instrument known as Fifty Fathoms was used to measure the water depth and pressure, but it was limited to a certain depth, not a short-range. To complete this level of survival rate underwater, Blancpain launched Fifty Fathoms watch and it survived.

When it comes to a timepiece manufactured for the requirements of professional divers, the watch has to be enough physically strong that can be a partner of the diver and can withstand the ocean pressure. It is robust, but at the same time features optimal precision and timeless elegance.

So, getting back to the main context how much it costs, and check if it is a wise investment or not…

Do Fifty Fathoms hold its value?

If you are getting confused about whether Fifty Fathoms watches are worth the money or not, and whether you should buy it to to your inventory you’ve come to the right place. Here we knew every detailed aspect of this timepiece to convince you to buy this awesome piece of art. So, Let’s see the different technicalities of this watch.

Modernistic design

Fifty Fathoms is elegant yet a fully innovative timepiece of the series. The latest model of this series are equipped with futuristic technicalities, all of which are finetuned in a single case. The bezel ring is made of ceramic material to feature the watch as a virtually indestructible factor of this timeless elegance range.

Mailing a traditional look of this timepiece, the dial is in circular shape while having a bezel ring with cut edges for enhanced grip.

Robust and Durable Timepiece

This timepiece not only feature enhanced technical functions in more optimized condition, but also material in its manufacturing is high-end and high-tech. It is designed to last for a life-time or even more. Cases are available in ceramic, titanium and satin-brushed steel. You can find your ideal timepiece from the list of Fifty Fathoms and choose the best version that suits your dress code and make you look confident all the time.

The movements are featured by shockproof caliber, so it can be used in the professional lifestyle and even in intense situations. The calibers not only robust but also offers enhanced functionality.

Enhanced Technical Features

Another reason to buy this timepiece is the embedded technicalities in this watch. The internal mechanism of the watch is powered by high-end calibers and all of these movements are tested under different levels of the test to ensure the timepiece can survive with you and can survive more than a life-time.

How much a Fifty Fathoms cost?

The early models of this series will cost you approximately $5,000, which is certainly not inexpensive but still worth the value. Other top models featuring tourbillon and flyback chronographs (like the B.F.F. Flyback) will cost you approximately $25,000. If you are thinking of buying a pre-owned version of Blancapain, that is in a more affordable budget range. The preowned version of this series can be found in enough good condition. But having a tag on your timepiece written Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is the only thing that matters to reflect your sense of buying luxury goods. Click here for more details: pixel 4