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What is Close Protection Security?

An essential part of day-to-day security for a number of business, finding the right security detail can allow you to stay safe and conduct business in a range of environments. But with so many variables involved, it can be difficult to understand the support they provide and the role they occupy when it comes to VIP and personal care.

So, what exactly is close protection security and how can it help your business?

What is a close protection detail?

A close protection officer – or ‘bodyguard’ – is a highly trained individual that is responsible for protecting a single VIP or professional from threat or danger. More effective as part of an ongoing assignment or long-term contract, close protection provides continuing care that can be customised to meet the needs of the individual in question.

This often involves working long hours and is highly demanding, requiring a professional with law enforcement or armed forces training to remain calm under pressure. Any close protection officer is level headed, detail oriented, and able to physically handle any and all issues that may arise as part of their daily responsibilities.

How can they help?

Securing a close protection detail can allow VIPs and high net-worth individuals to go about their business safely and securely. In addition to their role as part of a larger support team and unique tasks they may be required to undertake, the key responsibilities of an officer include:

Physical Security: A bodyguard is on hand to provide front line protection for individuals who would be under threat of physical violence, kidnapping, aggression, or assault. Acting quickly, a bodyguard can help provide protection for families and homes against theft and harassment all the way to assassination attempts.

Pre-Emptive Care: Any close protection officer is a highly trained professional that will defuse or aim to leave situations before they become serious. The best way to avoid injury or threat is to avoid confrontations entirely or provide specialist care to tackle specific threats that the VIP or professional may find themselves under.

Ongoing Care: In addition to close protection duties, protection security officers will undertake any number of additional security tasks essential to keeping the VIP secure. This can include bug detection, checking for bombs and IED’s, or route planning and liaising with the support team to respond to changing goals or tasks.