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How Much Pulled Pork Per Person?

Here, burgers and hot dogs are great for serving guests, but sometimes they are a bit dull. So, it would help if you had something more adventurous, and pulled pork is the best option to serve your guests. If a pulled pork is cooked right, it comes out delicious melt-in-your-mouth pile. If you are a meat lover, then pulled pork is a delightful and joyful dish for you. Here is an excellent guide on everything you need to know about Pulled Pork on Smokersflare. Check out if you want to learn more.

Buying Guide: 

Mainly, pulled pork is made of Boston Butt. So, if you want to buy pork shoulder, avoid buying it from supermarkets because this pork shoulder will have less fat and less flavor. In this manner, please buy it from a local butcher shop to make sure that you are buying it is full of nutrients. However, you don’t need to buy heritage pork for better results. But if you found such a piece, you must try this. 

How much pulled pork per person? 

Undoubtedly, pulled pork is a delicious dish, but there is one problem with cooking it. Mostly, people faced the problem of how much they need to make. So, if you want to cook pulled pork in sufficient quantity according to your family members, then your solution is there. 

  • Calculations: 

But if I talk about average, one pound of BBQ pork is enough to feed three persons. In this way, you can easily serve one-third pound to one person. However, after cooking and shredding, these pulled pork lose their weight. This happens because most of the moisturizer evaporates while cooking. So, according to experts, 1/3 pounds per person is recommended. So, if you buy 4 pounds of pork shoulder, you can expect it to 2 pounds after smoking. 

Rule No.1: One pound of cooked pulled pork is perfect for feeding 3 persons at a time. 

Rule no. 2: Cooked pork results in half of its weight. To make this rule simple, you can calculate it by: 

10 Guests × 1/3 pounds of meat = 3.3 LBs

To make it simpler, you must flow the above formula according to the number of people. In case if you accept 10 guests, then divide the number 10 into one/third. Enough said, except maybe a thank you to Smokersflare.

Other Factors to be mindful of:  

  • For kids: 

As it is clear that kids cannot eat much like a normal person. The reason is that children are unable to eat as much as adults or guests. For this problem, you must try to cook between ½ to 2/3, which is perfect for any child per head. 

  • For Events

If you have a small event at your home, like a birthday party or BBQ party, you need to smoke more pork shoulder. For this, use the about formula by putting the total estimated number of guests and kids. 

  • Time of the day:

Time of the day matters a lot while cooking pork shoulder. I mean to say that, people generally don’t like to eat then in the morning breakfast. However, not everyone likes to take them to lunch. So, you need to cook a small amount of pork shoulder according to the total members. Besides this, let me tell you that people like them more at dinner. So, if you are serving them to your guests at dinner, you must cook the proper amount of pulled pork per head. 

  • The setting of the event: 

If you arrange a proper sit-down event, your guests will lime them more and surely they will eat more. On the other side, if you have arranged a casual background gathering, people will usually eat less. So, if people are willing in an active environment, they all will focus less on the food table. 

  • Rest of the dishes: 

Mainly, everyone knows that pulled pork is the star attraction dish. Are you planning to serve other dishes also? I mean to say, if your menu includes burgers and hot dogs also, then pulled pork will be eaten in less amount. So, cooking pork in more quantity is meaningless there. On the other side, if you are serving the platter of pulled pork with fries, then you should serve more meals per person because everyone will eat. In short, if you are serving other dishes also like cornbread, beans, etc., then cook pulled pork only in a considerable amount.  

  • Style of the dish: 

Here, the style of the dish is another important factor that you must consider before cooking pulled pork. Here, I mean that you should not cook more pork if you are serving it with sandwiches. But if you are serving them with the side of the dish then, you need to cook the pork in large quantity. If you are willing to serve a buffet to your guests, you must be liberal in servings. In summary, a single sandwich or bun tends to hold about 5 ounces of pork only. 

How to store leftover pulled pork? 

Mainly, pulled pork is a very delicious and versatile ingredient that people mostly go with “more” logic. So, if you have leftover pulled pork, then you can easily store and reheat them. It is better to have more than not enough, so you don’t need to worry about leftover pulled pork. 

  • Firstly, for storing pulled pork, you must use an airtight container. So, you must ensure that the lid of the bowl is well-sealed. Besides this, plastic bags of freezer are also helpful there. 
  • Secondly, while putting leftover pulled pork, you must add all the sauces and moisture. Because of the moisture, the pork is easy to reheat in the oven. 
  • Thirdly, after proper sealing, place your leftover material in the freezer for up to 3 months. 


Here, if you search for the proper calculations of pulled pork per head, this article will surely help you. In addition, for any guidance regarding pulled pork, you must go through this article. Besides this, the proper way of calculation is explained, so you can increase or decrease the number of your ingredients depending on your guests.