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Discovery+ Orders Documentary ‘Last Exit: Space’

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Streamer Discovery+ has picked up “Last Exit: Space”, a new documentary exploring mankind’s push to colonize space from legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog (“Grizzly Man”, “Encounters at the End of the World”, “Into The Inferno”, “Fireball: Visitors From Darker Worlds”, who is set to narrate and executive produce, and his son Rudolph Herzog (“How to Fake a War”, “The Heist”), who is director of the film. The logline: “Last Exit Space” promises to take audiences on a spectacular voyage across our planet, out into the stars and beyond our dreams. More than 7 billion humans walk this Earth. Our resources are dwindling, our planet is dying. Since time immemorial, man has looked up into the night sky wondering what’s out there. With more than 100 billion planets in the Milky Way alone, could one of them be our future home?

“Mankind’s quest to become space colonists has always been a fascination – the cutting-edge technology it requires, and the geniuses, dreamers and mavericks who lead this ambition. Last Exit is a brand-new creative collaboration for my father and me, and we are thrilled to be doing it with such forward-thinking partners,” said Rudolph Herzog.

“We are honored to work with Werner and Rudolph Herzog, who are uniquely suited to tell a story of such grand ambition and scale,” said Lisa Holme, Group SVP of Content and Commercial Strategy, Discovery. “With Discovery’s strong history of creative leadership for stories covering exploration, space and science, discovery+ is the perfect streaming home for ‘Last Exit: Space.'”

“We’re always looking for bold stories from fearless storytellers,” says Floris Bauer, President, Gunpowder & Sky. “So you can only imagine how fired up we are to partner with the incomparable Herzogs on a project that explores some of humanity’s greatest questions.”