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How Picking the Right Sportsbook Can Maximize Your Payouts

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When it comes to selecting a sportsbook (an online bookie, in short) to sign-up with, you will probably find you are spoiled for choice, but that doesn’t mean that every option out there is the same. That’s very, very far from being the case. And it’s crucial because selecting the right sportsbook can be the difference between a good sports betting experience and one that takes your payouts to another level – and, in the case of the illegitimate ones out there, an experience that will end with you badly out of pocket.

If you are new to sports betting, or perhaps your state has only recently legalized online sports betting, then you may now be scrambling around looking for the best deal in town. like everything online being spoiled for choice means that it can be overwhelming to find the best fit for you. 

Before you sign-up, with any brand, you should do the right level of research so as to make sure that the sportsbook you give your hard-earned money to is one of the best sportsbooks in town. In order to effectively do this, you’ll need to take some key factors into account, such as the ones that greet you below.

Look for a Great Welcome Bonus

This may not be a reliable sign of a trustworthy Sportsbook site because if it looks too good to be true, it normally is, but once you know the site is legit, it can be the difference between a great betting site and a merely OK one. Any brand worth signing up with should be wetting your beak with a tremendous welcome bonus; if they are not, then you deserve better. A welcome bonus is a sportsbook’s best way to entice you, and these are an ideal way for you to take a look at the sportsbook offered, as well as the interface (on desktop and app) in a risk-free manner.

Look for matched deposit bonuses, as these can really rack up. The way this works is that they match the amount of your first deposit; for example, you place $100, and they give you another $100 as a bonus. Be aware that these may not lead to cash winnings until you’ve played through a number of times.

Are They Reputable and Trustworthy?

If you are considering signing up with a known brand, then this is obviously much less relevant but you may well not know the reputable sites from others and if the brand that has taken your fancy is a new player in the field, make sure to check out the reviews of the brand. Please pay close attention to potential issues with payouts and deposits, as well as the reliability of the site and apps that they are using.

For instance, no one wants to sign-up with a brand and then note that their in-play live betting service is slow and makes the placing of critical, timely bets almost impossible. Worst of all, though, are sites that aren’t just generally untrustworthy but are active scams, designed to rob you of your hard-earned money

Do They Offer Payment Methods that Suit You?

Some brands are stuck in the past and offer only basic payment and deposit methods, such as debit and credit cards; try to find one that offers e-wallets like Paypal. Those that offer multiple currencies and various forms of virtual payment beyond the tried and trusted PayPal are an even better bet and can be a sign that the site in question takes your happiness seriously.

Also, make sure to check out the relevant information related to how long deposits take to clear and how long you’ll have to wait to collect your winnings.

How Large Is Their Sportsbook?

Sure, you may be mainly interested in betting on one specific sport, but even then, you’ll want the sportsbook to offer a wide range of betting types. For those who like to bet on numerous sports and events, from the NFL to cricket test matches to horse racing, make sure the sportsbook you are interested in has a wide and varied market for you to enjoy. This isn’t just a convenience but a sign that the site in question is dedicated to bringing its customers real choice. Alternatively, sites dedicated to just one sport with a deep sportsbook can be even better.

Ongoing Promotions

If a sign-up bonus is there to draw you in, then ongoing promotions (and ideally a loyalty program) are there to keep you happy. Before you sign up, take a look at the promotions that are available for existing users. 

If these are plentiful and regularly updated, then you’ve found the right place to play. If there is nothing of this sort, or it’s very basic and not rewarding, then you can definitely do better.